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TL Dickerson

TL Dickerson is from and still resides in South Jersey with her wife, Gail and their cat, Sweetie.  She has spent most of her adult life working in the casinos of Atlantic City.  Her hobbies include the American Civil War and American politics.  On-line shopping is her biggest passion and her mother will always be her biggest fan.  (Even though she’s not allowed to read the book.) 

Servicing the Rich

Theresa, A.K.A, T Gianello comes from a small town and close knit Italian family.  She works at a casino in Atlantic City and leads a fairly quiet life.  Until Madison Ridgewood shows up and shakes up her tranquil little world.  Madison is a sexy and brash TV actress who finds herself in Atlantic City one summer, moon-filled night looking for some solace and peace from her busy, hectic TV stardom.  Their worlds collide in a mix of sexual seduction and desire that neither of them expected, nor could deny.  A game of cat and mouse ensues and T's trust issues are tested through a web of secrets that include an unlikely love triangle.  Madison's reputation is on the line.  Can she deal with the gossip that is sure to come in the form of tabloid papers?  Can T get over her feeling of inferiority to Madison's fame and fortune?  Will she get over her doubts and fears?  Or will she realize her role in servicing the rich?

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