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Tina Sears


Tina Sears worked as an Evidence Photographer for the FBI, a Medical Photographer and a Dance Instructor before becoming an author. She received her BA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University and her MFA in fiction from Southern New Hampshire University. She  lives with her wife Katie in Virginia.

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The River's Edge


Forced to spend the summer of 1976 with relatives, Chris Morgan faces many challenges. Her mom and dad are splitting up and she hates being away from them. Now she has to make some tough choices about what she knows is right or giving in to the expectations of her new friends. Surrounded by the danger of the river and the shadows of her family’s past, Chris realizes her carefree childhood is ending.


“In a voice reminiscent of Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird, Tina Sears evokes striking physical and emotional landscapes that are rife with danger and secrets. It’s a marvel to witness her characters navigate this world that Sears has created for them.” — Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of A Land More Kind Than Home and This Dark Road to Mercy



“Sears has written a hard-hitting coming of age novel that pulls the curtain off of family secrets and shame. She lovingly captures the innocence of the time, and then swiftly and honestly shows the darker side of it.” — Jo Knowles, author of Still a Work in Progress and Read Between the Lines


“Such a fresh voice . . . a lovely, painful, powerful coming of age story.  Truly chilling and captivating.” — Diane LesBecquets, best-selling author of Breaking Wild


“Tina Sears is a brave and compassionate writer with an vital story to tell. I believe this will be a book with the power to heal.” — Mitch Wieland, author of God’s Dogs and Willy Slater’s Lane



“Tina Sears tackles a tough subject, having written about the thievery of innocence. If there was ever any doubt about the need to tell about such a crime, it is dispelled in this lovely coming of age story set in the 1970s.” — Laurie Salzler, author of After a Time

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