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T.J. Wolfe

T.J. Wolfe is an author, activist, member of the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Texas. A former business owner, Wolfe has a BA in business management and currently resides in Austin, Texas. Unwanted Heart was created in part, to help promote and support marriage equality. It also aims to bring awareness to the Butch/Stud/Androgynous lesbians in the community, for the author observes that even after the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage rights for the LGBT community, they continue to be in jeopardy in this country.

Unwanted Heart

Caiden, a young financier and real estate investor, reluctantly returns home after two years to aid in the care of her ailing mother. In the midst she is forced to deal with her belligerent sister Jaylon, all while discovering her beloved mother Rose, has secrets of her own that may destroy them all.

An unexpected encounter with her lost love Zoe, forces Caiden to evaluate her innermost feelings for Zoe and cope with her own insecurities of being unwanted. Unwanted Heart is a compelling tale of love and its many faces.

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