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Suzie Carr

Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, philanthropist and avid blogger. When she's not writing, conducting hands-on research, exercising, or blending a green smoothie concoction, she's likely snuggling with her beloved white Boxer, Bumblebee. 

Whether it’s writing fiction books about love and life, inspiring new authors, advocating for LGBT equality and animal welfare or blogging about community awareness, positive living, taking action and inspiration, Suzie remains passionate in her beliefs!

Suzie’s love for the written word started back when she was a child. She enjoyed visiting the library every Saturday to spend hours reading. Books quickly became a constant companion to her and remained as such throughout her childhood.

Always in the creative mindset, she dreamed of a life where she would work by day and write books by night. Unfortunately, twelve hour work days left her no time or energy for learning how to craft a novel. So, off to college she went to pursue her passion for writing.

College fed her hunger for the written word and Suzie devoured anything and everything written on the subject of novel writing while pursuing her degree in communications at Rhode Island College.

Soon after graduating, The Fiche Room, a coming-of-age novel about two women falling in love, was born. Over the years The Fiche Room grew from its humble e-book origins to an Amazon Kindle best seller receiving glowing reviews.

Suzie's novel, Sandcastles, placed as a Runner Up in the 2015 Rainbow Book Awards for Best Contemporary Lesbian General Fiction and for Best Lesbian Book. 

With nine bestsellers on Amazon Kindle, Suzie continues to write about the beauty of love to the rave reviews of her growing fans, loyal followers and fellow authors.

Suzie Carr believes strongly in giving back to the community. She donates a portion of book sale proceeds to the Hearts United for Animals and NOH8 Campaign.

Check out Suzie's Website:

The Fiche Room

"This is one I want to put on my living room bookshelf and share with friends." - Amazon review 

"This book will resonate with anyone who's been seeking his/her true path in life. It's brilliantly written." - Amazon review 

Emma is about to wed her college sweetheart, a bright, well respected guy who is slated to become president of her father's company. All the plans are in motion. Her life is set. Until Haley crashes into her life. Haley is refreshing, vivacious and turns Emma's world upside-down. With Haley, Emma finds her true self --a sexy, confident woman who doesn't want to give up the sweet taste of true attraction and love. But does she have the courage to hurt and disappoint all those around her?

Two Feet Off The Ground

"I laughed out loud throughout the book. Great read with wonderful characters. I have now read all her books and this is by far the best. I will remember this one in the future as one if the better romance novels I have ever read." - Amazon review 

Lauren Woods is crazy about Paula McKenna. Paula's sexy, adventurous and the hero to Lauren’s twelve-year-old son, Owen. The two women are deeply attracted to each other, but there's one big problem that's keeping their love grounded. Paula accepts a job offer across the country, and Lauren, with a debilitating fear of flying, a son deeply rooted to his friends and life in Rhode Island, and a best friend who depends on her to keep her salon up and running, is in no position to up and move. Will these two find their footing together or crash land?

Staying True

A Contemporary Romance

2013 Rainbow Book Awards - Honorable Mention 

Free-spirited masseuse Ruby Clark treasures her independence, refusing to allow anyone to encroach on her sense of control. She succeeds at remaining unaffected until she meets Nadia Chase, a self-assured, sexy new client who sets Ruby’s heart in motion. 

The two develop a connection that drips with chemistry. As Ruby struggles to maintain her autonomy amidst the fervent attraction, Nadia reveals a secret that threatens to derail both their professional relationship and their blossoming love. 

Seeking guidance and support from Shawna, their transgendered friend who struggles with her own issues of self-worth, and Ruby’s grampa, a wise storyteller who raised Ruby in the aftermath of a childhood tragedy, the unlikely foursome embarks on a quest to learn the meaning of love, letting go, and staying true.


A Short Story of Romance

Snowflakes – A Short Story of Romance. A snowy dog park in the middle of a quiet town is the last place Alice and Desiree expect to meet up with their destiny. Secluded, these two women are able to let down their guards long enough to enjoy a tantalizing moment that leaves them both breathless and conflicted. Can their desire further develop outside the fence of this private dog park once the real world catches up to them?

Inner Secrets

A Contemporary Romance

"Ms. Carr's character Hope Steele is a woman who's raw emotional state is described so effectively, I practically felt like I was inside her skin, experiencing those feelings myself. I'll confess that I spent an entire Friday reading Inner Secrets, to the detriment of ALL of my responsibilities. I just couldn't put it down! I'm on my second read through, and looking forward to more Suzie Carr novels to add to my library." - Amazon review 

Hope Steele has been keeping a secret from her husband. She’s a lesbian. In a moment of weakness, she gets caught in a love affair. Now, she must start all over as a divorced woman with little clue how to navigate the complex world of being single. Along this new path, she gets tangled up in a web of euphoric highs and lows that test her character, friendships, and future. As Hope struggles to preserve what's left of her integrity, what ensues is a dance between right and wrong and truth and forgiveness. 

This book beats a tantric rhythm as it explores romance, sexuality, women in love, bisexuality, and infidelity.

Tangerine Twist

"I really enjoyed reading Tangerine Twist, so much so that I finished it in two nights. It was refreshing, it was different and I liked the "twist" ending (no pun intended). Suzie Carr made me care about the main character, Becca, whose life is spinning out of control by her own choices. It's a great reminder that we all choose our own paths in life and we can't rely on others to make us happy." 
- Amazon review 

Becca James wants to make it big. And she will, as soon as the idea of performing doesn’t scare the voice out of her. Until then she orchestrates another life…predictable, responsible, and dull. Then Kara walks on stage, a flirty goddess with long, wavy hair and sultry caramel-flecked eyes that drip with sex appeal. Inhibitions and commitments fall like shattered glass, as the duo form a musical sensation. Becca is big! But can self indulgence substitute for self respect? Can a wild ride stop at happiness? In this fast paced, sexy novel, finding out what really matters in life doesn’t always mean you get it. Or does it?

The Muse

Jane Knoll doesn’t realize it yet, but life is about to take a daring turn. For the past decade, Jane’s been able to recapture her sense of peace after years of being bullied. By day she edits marketing jargon, by night she watches television reruns with her gay neighbor, Larry. She’s comfortable. Then, after she meets her new coworker, Eva, television reruns are no longer an option. Too shy to get to know Eva in real life, Jane creates an online alter ego and starts to follow her on Twitter. 

Face-to-face, Jane is nothing more than Eva’s nondescript, clumsy co-worker—a social catastrophe. But, behind the safety of her laptop screen, she becomes confident and empowered with purpose and talent. The two hit it off, and what forms is an undeniable creative union, one with the ability to positively change many lives. 

There’s just one major problem standing in the way, though. Can she fulfill her purpose and make a change in the world living the rest of her life as an alter ego? Is she brave enough to reveal her true identity and risk squandering all she’s gained by it? 

This book delves into the dramatic world of women in love, anti-bullying, sexuality, social psychology, and social anxiety. 

The Journey Somewhere

A Contemporary Romance

Sequel to Tangerine Twist 
Want-to-be photographer, Kelly Copeland, thinks she has it all – a loyal fiancée, a cute condo, and a lovable dog. Her life is stable and easy. But, then her ex-girlfriend, the famous folk musician, Becca James, pops back into her life. She offers Kelly an opportunity of a lifetime, photographing her documentary tour. Everything is about to change now. Embracing this opportunity takes Kelly on a journey somewhere far away from anything that resembles stable and easy.


2015 Rainbow Book Award Runner-Up for Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction 
2015 Rainbow Book Award Runner-Up for Best Lesbian Book 

Lia is smart, successful, and best friends with Dean, a gay man who is just as neurotic as she. Life is smooth and flowing, unmarked by much more than a little family jealousy here and there, until she runs into Willow, an exciting enigma from her past. 

Willow, a psychic, receives a sense that something is off kilter surrounding Lia. Should she tell her, even though Lia, the person she’s never been able to stop thinking about since childhood, might run the other way? It’s a risk she decides to take, and Lia’s curiosity surprises her. 

As truths about life, love and uncertainties are unearthed, Lia and Willow, two women in love with each other, along with their friend Dean, learn to seek strength from unexpected places and people. Along their journeys, the three learn what a struggle it is to maintain their sandcastles as they embrace the parts of their lives that really matter. 

This book delves into the empowering world of holistic health, natural medicine, naturopathy, reiki healing, acupuncture, and health and wellness. 

Writer's Insights

Writing Tips for Ultimate Success (Writing Series Book 1)

Is writing a novel one of your dreams? 

Writing a novel is an incredible journey that will leave you either breathless with joy or overwhelmed with frustration. 

Regardless of where you are in your writing journey, this book can help the process to be a successful and rewarding one. This book takes the guesswork out and gives you a plan that is easy to implement right away. 

Are you confused on how to get started with writing your story? Have you already started writing a novel and need direction on things like flow, pace, characterization, editing, and marketing? Then, this book is perfect for you. Writer's Insights is chocked full of tips and advice from best-selling novelist Suzie Carr and several experts in the industry. 

This book offers an easy to follow system that will get you writing today. 
Author and Writing Coach, Suzie Carr, guides you through a simple process to help you organize your thoughts and navigate the path from the first sentence of your novel to the very last. This book is jam-packed with useful information. Here’s just a little of what you’ll learn: essentials to productive writing, ways to keep creativity flowing, creating the perfect book title, developing characters, hooking a reader from the first page, planning the plot, charting scenes, creating conflict, writing snappy dialogue, writing a synopsis, editing tips, publishing options, branding, and building a strong readership. 
Carr’s approach will clear through the clutter and offer you an easy-to-understand method of staying focused and organized as you move toward your dream of becoming a novelist. 

Take the step to learn how to get started. Grab your copy and get writing!

The Dance

"Breathtakingly Beautiful" - Curve Magazine 

The Dance is a book about love, family and friendship, and learning how to dance with life’s constant spin. 

Dog trainer Jacky Applebaum is focused on one thing – making up for a grave misunderstanding that damaged her relationship with her fifteen-year old stepdaughter Sophie. They are suffocating under the pressure of hurt and guilt. Old wounds begin to heal between them when a spirited beekeeper named Brooke Hastings contracts Jacky to train her overly-protective dog, Bee. A mutual affinity grows instantly between them, an affinity Jacky won’t allow herself to embrace. But, the heart knows what it needs. Meanwhile, Brooke hires Sophie as her assistant in the bee apiary. A trust forms, and soon Sophie begins to feel alive again as she comes face-to-face with the many parallels between her and the honeybees she nurtures. 

Just as they learn to open up and dance with life again, a hurtful truth reveals itself. Will this truth set them free or unravel all they’ve come to learn about life? 

18 Simple Writing Tips to Create Memorable Characters

Writing Made Easy (Writing Series Book 2)

Are you looking for ways to bring your characters to three-dimensional life? 
Do you have an idea for a character but just aren’t sure how to get started in introducing her in your story? 
Do you wish you had a road map to character creation? 

You’re not alone. 
Creating characters who readers will fall in love with seems like a daunting task. But, it doesn’t have to be! 

I’d like to share what I’ve learned about creating memorable characters. I’ve been writing novels for over a decade, and continue to charge forward with a burning desire to create fictional worlds and characters that teach me about life, love, loss, friendship, and everything in between. With each new character, I learn something extremely valuable in the creation process. I'd like to share that with you. 

Here’s what you can expect with this book. I’ll focus on 18 simple ways to create memorable characters. 

We’ll explore how to: 
• Brainstorm with power 
• Get into your character's head 
• Introduce characters using a surefire system 
• Create well-rounded, three-dimensional people with whom your readers will fall in love. 
• Craft a back story, traits, flaws, problems, fears, wants, purposes, surprises, tension, and epiphanies, among other important elements. 

By the end of this book, you should be able to answer the following questions about each of your main characters: 
• What is her goal? 
• What is standing in the way of her achieving that goal? 
• What is her weakness? 
• What is her greatest strength? 
• What is her big takeaway from the struggles she encounters? 
• How has she changed from the beginning to the end of the story? 

DOWNLOAD: 18 Simple Writing Tips to Create Memorable Characters 

The goal of this book is to give you 18 ways to help you get started immediately to create a memorable character who will help take your story to the great height it deserves. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

SCROLL to the top of the page and select the BUY button for instant download. 

Happy Writing! 

A New Leash on Life

When a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark's animal shelter, she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses. Aid comes from a surprising source: Chloe Homestead, Olivia's ex-girlfriend from thirteen years ago and the only girl Olivia has ever loved. Chloe, a self-made millionaire, offers to finance and manage the shelter’s repairs and operations, a gesture Olivia is in no position to refuse. Working intimately together to provide loving care to homeless animals, Olivia struggles to keep her composure in Chloe’s fun and flirty presence. As Olivia's walls start to crumble, the past catches up to them. Chloe has a dark secret, a secret that she’s been carrying around for thirteen years. 

Will Chloe's secret threaten the future of the shelter and the relationship she has worked so hard to restore? 

This book delves into the selfless world of dogs, animals, puppies, no-kill animal shelters, philanthropy, and family.

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