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Stacey-Leanne is from Wales, UK, and writes both mainstream and lesbian genre.

She is currently an artist in residence at Set the Bar Bistro, painting pop art under the name, @sexyart. Stacey-Leanne loves to be creative in any way possible and spends her free time hiking with her dogs and partner.


After a life altering event, a young woman finds her seemingly perfect existence unravelling at the seams. Her marriage disintegrating around her and forced to attend a psychiatrist in order to rebuild her career, she becomes inexplicably drawn to the beautiful American doctor. But nothing is as straight forward as it should be, with her attacker still free and unknowingly linked to her new crush, she tumbles head first into a web of gangland cover ups in a world where normal rules do not apply. Finding happiness and accepting a love that is totally unexpected may be difficult, coming out of it alive, even harder. Can true love win out even against the darkest of deeds?

"Fast paced, it will have you gripped from start to end. A truly beautiful love story, wound perfectly with tension and a thriller twist. What we have been waiting for in this genre for quite some time! I implore you, take a chance on this new writer you will not be disappointed!"


In a place where nothing is as it seems and creatures of the dark exist in more than just your dreams lies Belladon castle. Vampires, witches, werewolves and your average teenage girl battle in a race against time to stop the world we live in changing irrevocably. 

"One of those books that once you start reading you can't put down."

"Magical Fiction at it's very best, suiting all readers from young teens to adults. Ruta will soon become a character as beloved as any of your old favourites!" 

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