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SL Gape

I'm SL Gape, I'm a thirty something Lesfic author who enjoys writing, cooking, travelling and photography. I live in Cheshire, and currently split my time between writing and my day job in Human Resources. 


I get a lot of inspiration from travelling and my experience as a holiday rep; where I was lucky enough to have lived and worked in Spain, Greece, Bahamas, Egypt and Lapland to name a few.  My writing career is still relatively new and I find it a great escapism and feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to publish my books. So far I have the Life of Riley which was self published and Too Soon which has been released through Triplicity Publishing.  Fight to the Top, is my third novel which is going through the editing stages so should be on it's way in a month or two, and once we have that released we will start on the editing with World's Apart which will be out later in summer.


I have a Facebook page S.L Gape and Twitter @louise_7uk

Too Soon

Brooke is a twenty-nine year old detective from Oxford, who has her life pretty much planned out until her boss and partner of nine years, Maria, tells her their relationship is over. Unaware that her relationship was failing, she is completely broken-hearted and guilt-ridden, believing the reason Maria has left is due to the accident at work nine months earlier. When Brooke finds out the truth, that Maria cheated on her with their best friend Paula, she decides to get her life back on track by getting away for six weeks in Anglesey, North Wales. 

Chloe, a thirty three year old artist and art director, owns a log cabin on Anglesey where she spends each weekend painting and surfing. After returning from a surf, she stumbles upon the somewhat uptight and enigmatic Brooke. Chloe feels something is hidden behind those beautiful blue eyes, and makes it her mission to take the girl under her wing, helping her through whatever has brought her all the way there.

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