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Shelby Cochran

Shelby Cochran is a writer from Gadsden, Alabama.  She has deep Southern roots, one of which is a family history of writers.   Professionally she has been a college English instructor and a restaurant owner.  She lives with her wife, granddaughter, three dogs, two cats, and one ferret.  Her interests are travel, history, archaeology, good literature, yoga and fitness. 

Tripping Past Om

Jemma, engulfed in self-loathing from a failed romance and boredom from caring for an autistic brother, plunges herself into a dangerous relationship with a head, a proselytizer of LSD. He soon controls her through the drug and her own false perceptions. She emerges into a life of drugs, sex, and violence. The escapades she experiences, both literally and symbolically, roller coast Jemma into self-awareness. She finds that Om (blessedness) is neither out nor in but who and what she is. Tripping Past Om sensually and lyrically pays tribute to the quest for spiritual and personal value in the postmodern world.

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