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Sharon Cho


I love stories that weave back and forth, showing deeper and deeper motivations. I also love strong characters and complex plots. About four years ago, when my wife was diagnosed with a serious illness, I took a lot of time off to be by her side though she was usually sleeping. To make a better use of my time, she suggested I work on the story that’s been inside me for years. And that’s how Woven Myths got started.

Woven Myths


The Quietude, a psychic realm accessible by only a select few, is Kat’s secret for improving her deadly focus. It’s how she became a high level Midnight Slicer, an elite assassin. But when she meets Tristien Waef inside the Quietude, Kat knows she’s outmatched. Tristien, scarred from head to toe both physically and emotionally, displays unheard-of abilities inside the Quietude! In a rare move, Kat throws caution to the wind, and joins Tristien and her two friends: the battle-hardened Cela and the almost-famous bard Kinjara, in their travels. But will the Midnight Slicers allow Kat to shift allegiances? And can a budding relationship with Kat get Tristien to move beyond her traumatic past? 

"Hey! This book ain't about just that! That part's only got you two." interrupts Cela. "It's about fightin’, drinkin' and carousin'. You know, slicin'!” With one arm, the tall warrior slashes her two-handed sword through the air. 

Tristien sniffs, "Fighting and drinking isn't going to sell the book. The more unique aspects will." 

"Presentation factors as well," says Kinjara, bowing. “The honor should thus drape across the bard’s shoulders." Clearing her throat, she stands up, “Love and redemption, thrills with chills, devious deities along with myths of yore and lore, build foundations upon which 'A Slice of Quietude' rises..." 

Kat never looks up from sharpening her daggers.

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