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Sallyanne Monti

Sallyanne Monti is an author and editor. Her fiction and non-fiction short stories, poems, and articles have appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines and newspapers.

Sallyanne can't get enough of editing, reading and writing fast-paced short stories, with exhilarating unfolding plots and unexpected story arcs.

Currently, Sallyanne gets her daily fix by overseeing anthology projects for Sapphire Books Publishing, The Gem in Lesbian Publishing. 

She loves to hear from authors, colleagues, editors, publishers, and readers who want to share their ideas for future projects, or to leave reviews and testimonials for existing bodies of work.


Sallyanne is a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society, Romance Writers of America and Rainbow Romance Writers. 

She is at work on her first full-length novel entitled, Light at the End of the Tunnel. 


As a retired business consultant and grant writer, Sallyanne continues to donate her time freely, giving back by creating dynamic partnerships and business development opportunities within our Literary Community and with LGBT leaders.

In her spare time, Sallyanne writes music and plays guitar. She's produced numerous music and comedy showcases, and festivals benefiting charities all over the world. 

Sallyanne lives in Palm Springs California with her wife Mickey and their doggies Sola and Zorra. Together they are on a quest to hike all of Sedona, AZ, a mystical and magical place they hold close to their hearts. 



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The One: Stories of Falling in Love Forever

About Sallyanne Monti's Story, Happy Apples:

Will Attorney Abi Taylor and Artist Kat Rands overcome the obstacles and live happily ever after, or will this tale of unrequited love end in heartache and longing?   


About The One, Stories of Falling in Love Forever:

An assortment of writers chronicles the discovery of the one woman to share the rest of life's journey. 

If lucky enough, we fall in love once in a lifetime. Children's books and romance novels promise us an encounter with a  beautiful, mythical love—a passionate lover that sweeps us off kilter and changes everyday life into happily-ever-after.

In reality, most fall in a couple of times throughout a lifetime. Yet, those relations fail to fulfill the "forever" expectancy—they end.

Still, we hope that love, true and eternal will embrace us. We hope that Stardust will cover the banal when life becomes monotonous or loneliness grasps us too firmly when days fades to night. 

In The One, an assortment of writers chronicles the discovery of the one woman to share the rest of their life's journey.

Reading about love triumphant sparks desire for more than uninspired routine existence.

Everyone deserves happily ever after!

A Heart Well Traveled

Vol. 1: Tales of Long Distance Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes

Enjoy Sallyanne's story entitled "The Big Gulp" featured in this long distance love packed anthology, as told by a talented group of authors.

Will Set Designer Amy Garel win the heart of Mellon Bank Director of Marketing Shelly Johns, in this fast-paced story of unexpected love amidst a diet soda debate that may ultimately define Amy's future? The connection between Amy and Shelly will keep you on the edge of your seat.    


About the anthology, A Heart Well Traveled, Tales of Long Distance Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes:

Discover the many facets of romantic relationships as authors in Volume One of, A Heart Well Traveled, unravel the trials and tribulations of long distance love affairs.  

Each author, with their own unique style of storytelling, will leave the reader begging for more. Go from wild rides to gentle love stories, exploring the twists and turns lovers go through as they work to be together despite the distance between them. 

Explore bonds beyond friendship, chance meetings, family drama, gender complexity, long-standing love and unexpected passion as lovers seek their happily ever after.   

A Heart Well Traveled is a collection of short stories where women who love woman share the joys and challenges of long distance relationships.  Can love really conquer all?

A Heart Well Traveled

Vol. 2: Tales of Erotica, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes

Enjoy Sallyanne's Story "Peter Brady" in this supernatural anthology as our accomplished group of authors take you on a mystical ride through love, fantasy, past lives, and fanfic.

About Sallyanne's Story, Peter Brady:

When Brady Bunch obsessed Business Consultant Sam Tessel, meets Woman's Golf Pro Jess Morgan on an internet dating site, she's skeptical that fate connected them and guarded that Jess could really be, the one. Until their first phone call, when Sam's heart skips a million beats as she hears Jess' sweet crackly pre-pubescent sounding voice, for the first time—A voice she fell in love with in a 1970's sitcom and a voice she could easily listen to for the rest of her life.                                                                                                               

About the anthology, A Heart Well Traveled, Tales of Erotica, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes.

Each unique short story in this supernatural anthology will transport you to a magical interpretation of romance as authors bring to life, uncommon love affairs and out of the ordinary long distance relationships. Escape into the realms of eroticism, fan fiction fables, intergalactic intimacies, lunar love, mythical fantasy, and past lives revisited. 

Is it fate, is it destiny or is it one of those defining moments where the universe comes to a screeching halt as an epic love appears?

A Heart Well Traveled

Vol 3: Tales of International Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes

About Sallyanne's Story, Separate Huts:

When renowned DJ Rena Barton meets well-known Zumba Instructor Carly Dobbs in a clumsy crash into fate at Burbank Airport—it seems like a harmonious match made in high-profile musical heaven. Until Carly ceremoniously declares, they can never ever live together under the same roof —they will forever exist in Separate Huts. Can Rena give Carly the space she needs, or push their relationship over the edge and into despair?

About A Heart Well Traveled, Tales of Erotica, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes.

Love stretches across international boundaries as Sapphire brings you a collection of unique stories of romance and intrigue across the continents. 

Pack your bags and let your imagination run wild as you find yourself on romantic escapes to Africa, Australia, Bora Bora, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the United Kingdom.  

This fast-paced anthology will leave you wondering if you could endure love with nothing but miles between you and your lover. Watch as the characters face countless impossibilities without ever losing sight of the one thing we all want, one true love. 

Can they defy the odds?

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