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S. Anne Gardner


With a vast array of varied life experiences S. Anne has a wide array of story ideas that she often weaves into riviting storylines that takes the reader on some unexpected rides. She has lived all over the world and is now permanently living on the East Coast of the Unit ed States although she does still like to travel. She has a love that fills her heart and children who fill her life. She works in the field of finance and is a published author.


Her published works include Por Amor, For the Love of a Woman, An Affair of Love and Compensation. She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, art, traveling, reading, and writing. Her family, her friends, and her music fill her life in a world that is her own. and join her on Facebook at



Games of the rich and famous, love, lust, and forbidden passions weave this tale that play out through decades and the world. The close ties the Alcalas have to the royal house of Spain provide them with an unspoken untouchable policy. Their passions and their secrets are about to come to light with a force that cannot be stopped.  In this whirlwind is Cristina Uraca Alacala who is searching for a truth that has been denied to her most of her life and she must find.  She is not unlike her family; Cristina does not stop until she gets what she wants.  In the fog lies the truth that she must travel through to find.


In this tale wealthy socialite Annais Francesca D’Autremond is a pivotal person of interest in Cristina’s search for the truth. When these two women meet they find themselves drawn together by something greater than themselves. As the truth of a hidden past becomes clearer their passions grow beyond the realm of the no return instead of a status quo. Both tied together by destiny; will both survive the onslaught of past and present passions?

Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work of Art


Two worlds clash one day and neither will ever be quite the same again. Barbara comes from a world of safety but filled with lies. Taya comes from a world of darkness and violence.


From the bowels of an underworld filled with the drug of choice, the white, and the trade of human flesh comes ‘Black Angel.’ She is the personification of death in the pens and all tremble with the mere mention of her name. 


Barbara’s world is spinning off its axis with the deception of a life filled with lies and the uncertainty of all that she has known.  One afternoon she crosses into a foreign domain and her world is never the same again.


Two completely different women from utterly different worlds clash and the fusion is explosive.

Passion, sex, violence, vice, beauty, love…

In the Silence of the Unspoken


Poetry is a personal journey. I found myself returning to places and people in my life that live inside me and will never truly leave me. Words have incredible power and poetry is bare and raw. In poetry, we have the freedom of no rules, no bars, and no place to hide. Our heart is free to soar and die. It is in poetry that we are truly ourselves and perhaps, who we were or want to be. This work is very close to my heart, all these words in this book have touched me, in them, I have felt passion beyond the realm of reason, loved with my whole heart, cried for what I have lost and still love, hurt more than I thought I could bear and experienced the living death of existence. In this book is my soul, heart and dreams. Some poems are fanciful and totally built on illusion, while others have filled me with more than I can ever express. May the words touch you, inspire you, and fill you to truly live.

The Very Thought of You


A nor’easter, the two women whose path is forever changed by it. 


Alex lost her son, Teddy, to a drunk driver and the anguish of this sent her life into a spiral of pain that removed her from being able to love anyone. She lives in her glacial citadel and she likes it—the cold keeping the warmth out. Reese has made a life for herself and her little girl, Carly, alone and with no support from her family.


Reese and Alex brought together by an act of nature and torn asunder by an attraction and a desire that Alex does not want and runs from. Reese fights for a love that she cannot live without.

They survived the storm that brought them together and only love will deliver them from its aftermath.

Till There Was You


Julia is a woman used to power and is not afraid to use it or impose her will to get her way. She appears to have the world but a part of her is empty and cold as a frozen tundra. Julia rides in the mornings to clear her head and to make plans for what she is about to set in motion. 


Theodora, known as Teddy, is trying to put together a marriage filled with uncertainties. She felt once upon a time that she would have a great love but that has eluded her. 


One morning these two women meet and from the first instance, it is explosive. The attraction is undeniable, the fears very real and the end without question will change them both forever.

An Affair of Love


From a dark past, a forbidden love, a secret comes. Among the confusion and the chaos of an unwanted reality, two women find something they neither want nor can deny.


Blayne Ashton-Carlyle is aloof, self-sufficient, and used to damage control. She is at the top of her game, has always contained herself, and has never come up against any contention she could not handle.


Gabriella Matheson is a sculptor. The perfect daughter, she appears to have the ideal marriage, complete with two lovely children.


A shocking revelation is approaching with a vengeance, and all that stands in its way will be eradicated. Both women are on a collision course to a passion they cannot fight, to a love they cannot ignore, to an ending that will change everything.

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