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Ronni Meyrick


Ronni Meyrick was born in Brighton, but now lives in rural Oxfordshire with her wife Kay, and black cat Sheba, AKA Princess Diva. She’s been an avid reader since a young age, and could always be found with her head in a book.

She is a coffee addict who is forever trying new brands. She loves to cook and loves discovering new recipes. Ronni also enjoys photography and can be found with her camera in hand. She has a keen interest in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, and Egyptology. (She knows she’s a bit of a geek) 

Ronni used to the play the trumpet and drums in a youth group and still enjoys watching marching bands. She loves rugby with a passion, and is an avid Wales supporter. Her family plays a very important part in her life, and she enjoys holidays back at home in Brighton with them whenever she can. Ronni Meyrick is her pen name. She decided on the name to honour her father who was named Ronald. The Meyrick part is an old family name. Her parents are English and Welsh, and as any rugby fan knows that is quite a conflict when the six nation’s rugby tournament arrives.

When she was young she always dreamed of writing a book and having it published. She started writing little children’s books for herself at a young age. However, things changed for her a few years ago when she decided to try and write a lesfic book. She has always loved the genre and was an avid reader. Whilst caring for her wife after major surgery, she sat down with her laptop and started writing. (She hasn’t stopped and is currently working on her ninth book.) A good friend and author suggested that she try her hand at self-publishing with the first book, and agreed to help her. That was when Love Returns was first released. Her dream has come to life.


Major Jackie Holmes is a career soldier with nearly twenty-one years of service under her. Returning home from Afghanistan injured makes her evaluate her life. After her husband’s strange behaviour, she realises the only people in her life she can count on to help with her recovery are her twins, her parents, and all the medical teams she finds herself surrounded with. Could a chance encounter with an old school friend turn her life around? 

As a physiotherapist at a military rehabilitation centre, Carrie Spencer treats all kinds of people and injuries. She just didn’t ever consider running into an old school friend, and end up treating her. 
In the midst of an abusive relationship, Carrie is struggling to decide how she needs to act to safeguard herself and her boys, Charlie and Richard. Jackie is her bright light in a dark place, and Carrie begins to rely on her friend more and more as she comes to terms with what she must do. 

Everything comes to a head at a party held at Jackie’s house…the only question is—Will Carrie do the right thing and turn her back on her relationship, or will she follow her lover and suffer more of her abuse? 

When a friendship turns to more and two hearts beat as one, is it possible for that bond to be torn apart?

Hero Within

Book 2

Lieutenant Colonel Jackie Holmes and her fiancée, Carrie Spencer, have settled into life with each other and their children. The only black cloud settling over them is the trial for Carrie’s former girlfriend. Neither of them is willing to let their fear of seeing Toni overtake them. Once the court case is over, they’ll never have to see her again.

However, things rarely go to plan where Jackie and Carrie are concerned.

They once again find themselves fighting for their family. An unlikely hero emerges to help them with the battle for the right to live in peace. Will they be able to beat the evil planning their demise and live happily ever after?

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A Wicked Kind of Love: Anthology

Love pulls you in different directions, sex opens your mind to other possibilities, romance warms your heart, and the unknown keeps you guessing. Five different stories by five different authors, equals, five romances that you will fall in love with.

Absolute Betrayal

Successful business woman, Stella Williams couldn’t ask for anything more in life after marrying her girlfriend Jennifer, who was about to give birth to their baby. But as quickly as life had dealt her the winning hand, it rapidly chose to tear her world apart.

While dealing with emotional loss, she is forced into parenthood alone, and spends the next few years struggling with her new identity as a single working mother. But when she discovers a legal document that had been hidden away from her, she soon realizes how her empire is on the verge of new threats.

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