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Rebecca Sullivan


Rebecca or Becky as she is called, lives in Massachusetts on beautiful Cape Cod with her wife Debbie and five furry kids. When Becky isn't writing she has has a side business, Rebeccas Genealogy Services. 


She'd love to hear from you.

Check out her website, you might find some old stories like Lycea, and other one's from the past.



The Executive


Roberta Kendall is one of the wealthiest women in the world, but she's also one of the loneliest. Join Roberta on her quest to find true love in the midst of personal chaos and turmoil.

Stacie Alden is hiding a secret. Will it ruin her chance of finding happiness with Roberta?

Dale Montgomery is Roberta Kendall's new Vice President with a dark past. She lives each day hoping it won't come back to haunt her. When it does, she tries to hide it at all cost. Will Roberta come to her aide and in doing so, lose her heart to the woman?

Isabelle Hoffman is Roberta's personal secretary and mentor. She has a few secrets of her own that she's not willing to share with her boss.

Whose heart will be broken and whose heart will be opened to love?


Shelby Miller returns to her childhood summer home in Lakeville, Maine. About to be divorced, Shelby brings her two children to Lakeville, the one place she loves, and feels safe.


Shelby's past meets her present when she reunites with an old childhood friend who helps her to open up her heart and learn to love again.


Along the way, she finds out a few hidden secrets about her own family.

Lucky Laundromat copy 2.jpg

Lucky at the Laundromat

A Frank & Bob Mystery

Welcome to Crooks Neck, Cape Cod, home to fraternal twin sisters, Frank Robbins & Bob Strout. Join Frank & Bob as they try to find out who killed their childhood friend Edna Mae Cobblestone, owner of the local Crooks Neck Laundromat. Was it Betty Phillips, head librarian and town gossip? Or Derek Doane who worked for Edna Mae at the laundromat? Denise Kimball, manager of the ice cream parlor had issues with Edna Mae. Maybe she killed her. Along the way, Frank & Bob meet a new friend who helps them solve the murder at the laundromat.

Storm Clouds

When sixty-year-old Emma Wainwright has the opportunity to work in Provincetown one summer, she jumps at the chance to take her young son and head to the beautiful seaside town. Escaping a bad relationship in Boston, she quickly makes friends and before long, her heart is opening up to the possibility of new love. Will Emma leave the life she knows in Boston, and take a chance on a new life in Provincetown?

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