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Rachel Maldonado


Rachel Maldonado has always had a love of learning and a passion for writing. She is a graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Communications and Theater Arts. She is a native of San Antonio, Texas, where she was born and raised and still resides with her wife, Vanessa.

Click on the link below to check out Rachel's Christmas Stories.

Christmas Books

Her Maiden Voyage



Marie Antoinette Michaels, wanting to escape her unhappy life, purchases a ticket for the R.M.S. Titanic to set sail to America. On board the ship, she meets the young, beautiful, Evelyn Chambers. The two young women quickly form a friendship and a bond like none they had ever known before. Will their new found friendship bring them closer together or tear them apart? Will Antoinette and Evelyn meet the same fate as the Titanic? Share in their experiences as they explore the most luxurious ship liner ever built. Follow their every moment on board, Her Maiden Voyage!

The Tracks



Adrian Cruz was tall, dark, handsome, and the most kind-hearted and lovable person Jemma Johns had ever met. For eighteen-year-old Jemma, it had been love at first sight. Adrian and Jemma quickly became inseparable and they were destined to be married and live happily ever after, but something sinister was trying to keep them apart.

Adrian's strength of character and the desire she has for helping people has given her an inner-glow visible only to the spirit world. Her interest in the paranormal and with the ghost tracks of San Antonio has caused a malevolent spirit to pull her into another realm. The wicked ghost of a two-hundred-year-old witch uses Adrian as a guiding light in her world of darkness.

Can Jemma rescue Adrian from the repulsive and vile spirit? Or will the spirit drain her of her inner light, leaving Adrian unable to return to the world of the living?


The Death Room


Roberta Pena finally has her dream job of being a Biology Teacher at the high school that she once attended, but something sinister lurks in her classroom. She begins to have unusual paranormal experiences. Is she simply losing her mind or is there a ghost trying to make contact?


How will she deal with the mystery of the room that often smells of death and where she has begun to have so many unsettling and ghastly sightings? Will she solve the mystery or be forced to leave her career that she worked so hard to achieve? Might she find love in the process?

Something Different


Alejandra Flores, or Alex as she prefers to be called, has always been butch. She grew up wearing boy's clothes and playing with toy cars and trucks. It was still a surprise to her parents when Alex first came out of the closet as a lesbian. Now she has something different to tell her Mom and Dad. Alex has always felt like she was a male trapped in a female's body. How will she tell her parents? Will her friends and family love and accept her as a he and not a she? How will she cope with the transition? Might Alex find a special someone during this whole process?

By The Water's Edge


Rebecca Javier meets the woman of her dreams when she attends a function with her friend, Jax Culver. Becca is captivated by the gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde, Johnna Davis, and to Becca, it feels like love at first sight. She unknowingly becomes involved in a love triangle when Jax tries to come between them. 

Johnna is torn between the love she feels for Jax and the attraction she has for Becca, and she must ultimately choose between them. Will Becca understand Johnna's confusion? Will she risk everything to be with the one woman she feels is her soul mate? Or will she find that she is in over her head?

13 Urban Legends

Volume 1


Urban legends are stories that are often passed on from generations. They are often used as a way to frighten people into doing or not doing certain things. The following are urban legends that have been rewritten with lesbian characters. 

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Lights?--Is it better to study or party? 

La Llorona “The Crying Woman”--Is the woman haunting you or your dreams? 

The Killer--Should we heed the warnings of a stranger? 

The Hitchhiker--You never know who you might meet. 

Hook--Should we ignore the media warnings of danger? 

The Clown Statue--All art is beautiful, isn't it? 

Hotel--The couple in this story can't wait to check-out. 

Buried Alive--Life isn't always fun and games? Is it? 

Bride and Seek--A simple game can turn into a lifetime of regret. 

The Briefcase--How well do we know the ones we work with? 

The Woods--Can city folk be trusted in a small town? 

Woman in a Blue Dress--To cheat or not to cheat. Is infidelity worth it? 

Bloody Mary--It's just child's play, isn't it? 

Message Sent


Twenty-five-year-old Shelley Castillo has almost given up on finding that special someone. Hoping to change her luck, Shelley decides to take a chance and travels cross-country to California. There she is suddenly faced with not one, but two beautiful women vying for her attention. There's Carter, the charming woman with a winning smile whom Shelley has been chatting with online. And what about Tammy Jones, the casino performer that dons an Elvis costume and performs under the name Shelvis? Just when Shelley feels her life couldn't be more complicated, she meets Cadence, the twenty-two-year-old bombshell that turns her life upside down. Shelley knows the direction her mind is saying is the right one to follow, but is she willing to take a chance and listen to the message that her heart is sending?

Bad Moon Rising: Wolf Within


Follow the lives of high school cheerleader Amber Parker, twenty-year-old bombshell Staci Dupree, and her friend, mentor, and fellow shape-shifter, Jasper, as well as the entire wolf pack from the town of Galloway. 

When Amber first turns into a wolf, she doesn't know what to make of it, but when she realizes what she has become, she strives to become a productive member of the pack. How will she fit in and how can the wolf pack save the small town of Galloway from the mysterious lone wolf that is preying on innocent men, women, and children?

Touchdown Hero


Charlie has her entire life planned out. She is living out her dream of playing football on an all women's football team while attending a four year college to become a school teacher. With all of her time being split in several directions between schoolwork, practice, homework, and football games, she never thought she would meet a woman where and when she least expected it. 

Holly Larson was perfect. Sweet, smart, beautiful and at the right time at the right place. She's everything that Charlie could ever want or hope for, but is she too good to be true? 

If you're a fan of Rachel Maldonado's other books, you'll want to add this one to your collection!

Light of My Life


Elizabeth Reynolds owns and operates one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country. It has been in her family for generations. But with her grandmother ill and her desire to go away to college the following year, she feels that selling the lighthouse and adjoining home is her only option. 

Patricia Keaton has always dreamed of owning the Boston lighthouse with the adjoining homestead. When the property is listed for sale, she jumps at the chance to purchase it. Never having run a lighthouse before, Patricia knows she has her work cut out for her. 

As a condition of purchase, Patricia asks Elizabeth to stay at the home for a period of one year, so that she may learn how to manage and maintain the property. 

When Patricia finds an old journal in her room, it opens up a whole new world for both young women and they embark on an adventure like no other!

The Coffee Connection


Alyssa Prentice owns and operates the best coffee house in the small town of Nature's Breath. But when the brunette bombshell, Austin Jamison, moves into town and decides she wants to learn the business and possibly buy out Alyssa's shop, Alyssa is livid. 

Desperate to stay in business, Alyssa bets all of her money at the racetrack in the hopes of not only keeping her small business alive, but also to possibly open a second location. Will she win it all or lose it all in her attempts to keep The Coffee Connection open? Also, what will become of her coffee nemesis Austin Jamison? Is Alyssa in over her head?

Lassos & Lace


Lacey Barnes is new to the world of rodeos and barrel racing, but when she meets one of the only female cattle ropers, Kody Black, she finds herself smitten and eager to spend as much time with Kody as possible. Lacey becomes engulfed in a world of love, romance, secrets, and surprises! If you loved the fun, playful characters in Holiday Homecoming and Touchdown Hero, then you're sure to love Lassos and Lace!

Down & Dirty

Maddie Keller owns and operates Down & Dirty, an all female mechanic shop. When she can't afford to purchase the property next to hers, it gets sold to her biggest competitor, Cameron Nelson. 

Cam owns the All Women's Oil and Lube and is determined to take Maddie's customers by setting up shop next to Maddie's business. 

Both women must decide whether they are friend or foe and try to come up with a plan when the largest automotive repair chain moves into town. 

Will the two women find themselves along the way? Might they find that they have more in common than just automobiles?

Read this fun and incredible Rachel Maldonado romance to find out!

Burning Desire

Suzanne Mitchell follows in her father's footsteps by becoming a firefighter. In a harrowing rescue during an apartment fire, she meets young Candace Beacon. Candi becomes displaced when everything she owns is ruined and her apartment is deemed a hazard by the fire department.

In an attempt to help Candi, Suzanne invites her to move in with her until she can find a place of her own. What ensues is a push and pull relationship when the two women discover that they are at odds with one another. Will Suzanne find that she is in over her head? Or will they discover they had more in common than they initially thought?


When Kim Sullivan loses her basketball scholarship, she is grateful to still have the grades to attend a four year university and pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Kim doesn't expect to meet anyone special, but with the help of her quirky, zany friend Myra, she meets Milli Douglas, the school's basketball star. As Myra pushes Kim toward Milli, Kim finds that she is on a road to self discovery about life and love. 

Myra is the best friend everyone hopes to have. She's sweet, smart, caring, and thoughtful. She goes out of her way to help Kim get the girl she wants, but will their friendship fall apart when Myra makes a new friend? And when everything seems to go wrong, might love still bloom in the most unlikely of places?

Algo Diferente (Spanish Edition)

Alejandra Flores o Alex como ella prefiere que la llamen, siempre ha sido butch. Ella creció para arriba con ropa de niño y jugando con camiones y coches de juguete. Todavía era una sorpresa a sus padres cuando Alex por primera vez salen del armario como lesbiana. 

Ahora ella tiene algo diferente a su mamá y papá. Alex siempre ha sentido como si ella fuera un hombre atrapado en cuerpo de la hembra. ¿Cómo dirán sus padres? ¿Sus amigos y familiares el amor y le aceptan como un él y no una she? ¿Cómo harán frente a la transición? ¿Alex encontrara un especial alguien durante todo este proceso?

Fourth Quarter

When Rebecca Hamilton wins tickets to a Spurs versus Lakers basketball game on a radio station, she is thrilled! There is only one problem. She doesn't have a last minute date, and she's still pining for her lost love, Kelly. Hoping to meet someone at the game, Becca decides to go alone, but she finds that she meets someone that she never expected to run into! Sparks fly in this short story! You'll want to read it, and add it to your Rachel Maldonado collection!

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