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Elvish Chronicles

Rise of The Queen

For thousands of years the High Born Elves have languished in the chains of slavery, their great strength gone, their extra keen senses dulled, and their immortality broken. Somehow, in spite of their harsh master’s efforts, the royal line managed to survive. Now, with the aid of a deadly assassin, the heir is about to shake off the chains of slavery, expose the lies, and bring her people to freedom. And she has no idea the magnitude of the task she has undertaken.

The Road Home

She's taken over a thousand slaves from the city, and now they're in the forest. They're ill equipped, poorly clothed, and in an alien environment. She's taking them north as winter approaches. Monsters, enemies, and old magics hamper the trail, and then there's the ghost of her ancestor. It's a long road to Elfhome, and not all are going to make it.

A Winter Siege

The Elves have driven the people from the lands to seek refuge in the cities.  In this, the third Chronicle of the Elves of Elandor, I shall relate some of the hardships and victories of that long and bitter winter.

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