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Pauline George


Pauline George has come from Aircraft Mechanic to Motor Mechanic to Signal Operator to Writer, plenty of grist for the writing mill. Pauline was born in the beautiful county of Kent and is the eldest of four children. She now lives halfway between the buzzing metropolis of London and the quiet countryside of the Surrey Hills. Pauline realised at an early age she had the ability to write creatively, so much so that her English teacher Joyce Fowle gave her an extra exercise book for her poetry and essays. To this day she still has that exercise book. Although Pauline has always enjoyed writing she has never really had the nerve to 'put it out there' with many a story finishing up in the waste bin. However she has co-written a musical and a one act play which were performed at her local amateur dramatic society. Pauline also performed a one woman show at that same dramatic society after completing a year at a drama school in London as a mature student. Pauline indulges her hobbies of walking and photography when she isn't writing, but even then her mind is busy creating the stories she hopes you will enjoy reading.


I love the process of writing but not so much the editing and rewriting then editing and rewriting again ad nauseum. The trouble is without these endless checks it would be awful unless of course you are so brilliant you can do it in one. I am not, so I have to check and recheck.


I hope you enjoy my work it’s not to everybody’s taste and some of you may not like it at all, but remember it’s fiction and you should be able to suspend disbelief for the duration of the book. However, where it’s factual it should be correct and I hope I’ve managed to keep things as accurate as I believe and have researched.


My life is changing and a new house that needs work is taking up a lot of my time. I now have to make a space in my day to sit down and write. Since retiring in May 2014 it’s been hard finding the time and I realise now how much writing I did between my shifts at work and on my breaks. How did I manage to work and do everything else? But don’t fear I am in the process of drafting my third book and so far I’m about a third of the way through.




Jess is a modern day lesbian Lothario who was so hurt from an emotionally damaging relationship that now she doesn't let anyone get close. She protects herself by keeping her relationships short and sweet. When Jess's sister Josie challenges her to get to know a woman before she jumps into bed with her, Jess is intrigued. How hard can that be?

Although she's a serial monogamist, Jess has deep-seated morals that will be tested to the limit by her carefree acceptance of Josie's challenge. When she falls for her sister's best friend Katie, she suddenly finds her life upended, and she's left wondering if she actually has what it takes to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Is she destined to spend her life bed-hopping? Will her ever-growing attraction to Katie be the catalyst for romance, or will Katie's indecision about her life prove to be Jess's downfall?


199 Steps to Love


At 61, Lucy finds herself divorced and decides to go on holiday to Whitby. There she meets the gallery owner, a woman named Jamie, who she is drawn to in ways she can't yet understand.

Jamie is also drawn to Lucy, despite the advice of her best friend against lusting after a straight woman.

But just as they come together, Lucy leaves without explanation, not only putting a physical distance between them, but an emotional one as well.

Can they overcome the distances and find each other? Or is it more than just the miles that's keeping them apart? 


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