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Pat Adams-Wright


I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK and that’s where I currently reside. I am a teacher by profession, but I sustained an injury in an accident, which ended with me being disabled. I am married to my partner of 41 years and we have two dogs - Tilly, 14 and Willow, 2. I have always written, but always for my own pleasure. RUN was different, I saw the potential of creating what I hoped was an exciting book. I hope everyone agrees…



For Charlie Reinette, it was a typical Friday night out with her work mates. Or so she thought..


Instead, she found herself in the midst of a domestic dispute, rescuing a woman she hardly knows and setting off a deadly chain of events. Harbouring the rescued woman finds them having to run from murder and the infernos raging behind them.


Not quite the woman her friends think she is, Charlie has to face her past, her future, and everything in between as she fights for her life and the life of the woman she saved.


Can the two women, Charlie’s group of eclectic friends, and the police catch the man terrorising them across Europe? How will they stay ahead of his game?


One thing is for certain…they need to RUN!




Reluctance...Two women, whose hearts and worlds have been torn apart by the loss of their partners, in drastically different ways. One to a brutal slaying, the other to cheating of the worst kind. Joy and Esther are thrown together by chance—fate has brought them to live side by side, but the balance of their future together is brought into doubt when Marcia, Joy's ex, comes to visit and reveals something shocking. To add to the mix is Carrie, Esther's old friend from her schooldays, who can't help but interfere. She doesn't want to see her friend lonely, thinking Whitby is a poor substitute for her previous London home.Can love dispel the reluctance that lives in both the hearts of Esther and Joy, and give their burgeoning romance a chance to take flight—or will circumstances plot against them?


Reluctance Series Volume 2

Carrie Markham's life is in a state of flux. Former society girl married to a property developer, Jonathan, finds herself facing a long-denied truth when she meets a struggling sales rep named Simone. 

Next door, Carrie's friends Esther and Joy continue to hope to adopt baby Marc while also taking on the battles of everyday life and what it continues to throw at them.

All the women have choices to make and some long-standing situations to put to bed. In all encounters, there must remain the hope of... REPARATION. 

NOTE TO READERS: Reparation is the continuance of Reluctance. Reluctance can be read as a standalone, but it should be read prior to reading Reparation.

Those Dark Satanic Mills

Theresa Judd’s life is shattered by the death of the elderly lady who she had cared for the past twelve years. The reading of Mrs Cartwright's will provides a generous and unexpected gift with the fervent hope Theresa will embark on the property ladder. However, Theresa finds it difficult to move forward until an opportunity for future employment in the barren Yorkshire countryside peaks her interest. 

Has Theresa recovered from her loss enough to finally move on with her life at High Moor Manor? Why does Samantha, the bitter, sad, paraplegic, who seems obsessed with her ancestors, have such a pull on her emotions? Is Theresa walking towards disaster...or might she find love?

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