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Parker Gordon

Parker Gordon writes quirky, fast paced and amusing fictional books about the supernatural, which are based on actual personal experiences.

P.G.’s first book, Parallel Lives, combines astral travelling with time travelling and is set in Southend, England and Oregon, USA.

P.G.’s second book, Between Lives, is about a young woman discovering her sexuality, along with Spiritualism and past life regression. Between Lives is now available on Amazon Kindle.

The third book, Yeti, which is a prequel to Parallel Lives, is currently in the process of being written.

Parker Gordon is a pseudonym. Parker is an avid reader and has too many favourite authors to mention, among them being Virginia Woolf, Phil Rickman, Sarah Waters, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jonathan Franzen, Anne Rice, Michel Faber and David Mitchell. Gordon claims to have ADHD and has never read any books at all.

The great advantage about telling the truth is that nobody ever believes it – Dorothy L Sayers

Parallel Lives

One sleepless night Andi, a thirty-something female with a boring job in the Civil Service, discovers that she can astral time travel. She is handed an old pocket watch by a mysterious man, who tells her that she can use her gift to change the bleak future for the better.

On her journey through time & self-discovery she meets Harry, a Victorian child who was the original owner of her watch, forceful bohemian Sue who becomes her best friend, uptight Angus who watches her every move & Kevin, a tall shaggy American from the 1970’s who is stuck in between life & death & needs Andi’s help to move on.

Between Lives

In an effort to rid herself of the recurring nightmares which plague her, nineteen year old Pascal embarks upon a journey of discovery in which she is exorcised, undergoes past life regression, dabbles in Spiritualism and discovers that she is psychic. 

Join Pascal in this humorous coming of age tale in which she confronts her demons, her past lives, her mother and her sexuality.

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