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Pamela Mauldin


Ms. Mauldin was born in South Carolina in 1956 to two older parents who provided her with a loving and nurturing home. Her siblings were all much older, and she had nieces and nephews that were all around her own age, and seemed more like brothers and sisters. 

After finishing her education, she remained in South Carolina to work in the electronics field, soon moving to North Carolina to become an electronics engineer. She loves the Carolinas, because on one side you have the beautiful Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains, and on the other you have the Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful beaches and warm ocean breezes. Pamela believes it's the best of both worlds.

Pamela had wanted to write all of her life, but she just had to find a subject she enjoyed. Being a lesbian, it wasn't much of a stretch to realize that she enjoy reading about lesbians, so she should probably write about them too.

Pamela currently lives in a colder climate, but will be heading back home as soon as she retires. She plans to travel extensively, but mostly in the US.


Check out Pamela's website:

Wishing Between The Lines


Sam is falling for her doctor, a woman she had always believed to be straight, who just told her she is getting a divorce. Sam is married, unhappily, to a woman. Now she is driving herself crazy trying to figure a way to start a relationship with this woman, who she calls “Doc”. But she is afraid she’ll lose the best doctor she ever had if she crosses the line with Doc. 

Doc is a compassionate doctor who cares about her patients, but is feeling something strange for one in particular – Sam. What is it exactly she is feeling for this woman? 

And then there is Alice to contend with. Alice is a crazy member of a drug ring who also stalks Doc, and has decided to kill Sam. Throw a beautiful lake and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, and you have a humorous love story with a lot of gunfire. 

This is Ms. Mauldin’s first novel, and if you’re a sucker for romance, with a few tense moments and a few giggles, give this one a read. 

Wishing for Forever


Sam and Doc have embarked on a new chapter in their lives, and they are finally happy. But when a vindictive escapee from the women’s prison in Raleigh resurfaces, the need for revenge brings catastrophic results for Sam and Doc. Just when they thought they were going to live happily ever after, life throws them a curve. An escaped convict, a gunshot, a coma, amnesia…Will there be time for romance? Will there be a future, or is forever just a wish unfulfilled?

Wishing in Wyoming

The world's best, and worst honeymoon, ever. Some people don't know when to quit, and Sam and Doc would give anything to rest peacefully, not Rest In Peace. Playing cowgirls was fantastic, for a couple of days. Then, while carrying her femme back to camp, Sam finds herself fighting for her life. Can Doc save her? Can they and their love survive? Or is it too much to expect that a love that burns so hot could last? You gotta read to find out.

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