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Nancy Ann Healy


Nancy Ann Healy is a woman of many talents and interests. She has worked as everything from a bookstore manager to a standup comedian, and she enjoys movies, theater, and karaoke in her free time.

Nancy is happily married to her wife, Melissa. Together they have a son, Chris, and two dogs, Maggie and Sydney Bristow. The family currently lives in Connecticut, where Nancy is completing her studies in social justice through Arizona State University and working on her second novel in the Alex and Cassidy series.

You can learn more about Alex and Cassidy at their website You can also read Nancy's blog, and other creative writing at

Life is a journey, not a destination. YOU create it!

Falling Through Shooting Stars


Julia Riley thinks she’s happy. The executive director of Boston’s Fledger Foundation, she and her wife, Carrie, are raising three children, one from Julia’s first marriage…but being content is not the same as being happy.


Katie Brennan is the popular host of a network television morning show. She has two children and a husband who plays major-league baseball. Rumors of her husband’s infidelity are troubling, but she knows how often the media reports innuendo and half-truths instead of facts.


When the two women collaborate on a fundraising program for a new diversity center, they immediately strike up a friendship, one that only grows stronger when Katie discovers her husband has indeed been unfaithful.


As Katie’s marriage fails, she realizes she is intensely attracted to her friend. Surprised by her own feelings, Katie distances herself from Julia, straining their relationship.


For her part, Julia needs time to heal the wounds of her marriage. She’s not sure Katie will accept a romantic relationship, however, a doubt that gives her pause.


Before either woman can move on, they need to find and accept themselves. Love might feel like falling through shooting stars, but sometimes it takes time for the stars to fall.

Intersection (Alex & Cassidy Book 1)


FBI agent Alexis Toles is dispatched to New Rochelle, New York, to investigate threatening letters sent to Congressman Christopher O’Brien, and to protect his ex-wife Cassidy and six-year-old son, Dylan. But when she gets to New Rochelle, Alex discovers that there is more to the situation than simple stalking or political agendas; she finds that she has growing romantic feelings for Cassidy—and that the feelings are mutual.

As Alex and Cassidy explore their budding romance, they must surmount many obstacles in explaining their relationship to those around them, including Dylan. All the while, the investigation continues, and the disturbing, convoluted, and complicated web surrounding the threats begins to unravel, placing the characters’ lives in grave danger.

Intersection is a taut political thriller that combines the action and suspense found in hit television shows like 24 with the insight and drama found in the widely popular fiction of LGBT authors such as R.E. Bradshaw and Stacey D’Erasmo. It is sure to appeal to fans of intrigue, mystery, and romance, and to provide positive role models for marginalized groups and relationships.

Betrayal (Alex & Cassidy Book 2)


There is no one to trust in Nancy Ann Healy’s thrilling new novel, Betrayal.


FBI agent Alex Toles is relieved to return to work at the NSA after a frightening on-the-job ordeal. Her life partner, Cassidy O’Brien, and Cassidy’s seven-year-old son, have also been instrumental in healing Alex’s wounds.


But their peace is short-lived when they discover that their good friend—and President of the United States—John Merrow, has been assassinated.


Little do they know, however, that President Merrow’s death is just the beginning. Even as Alex and Cassidy are forced to confront the loss of their friend and the ramifications that will have on the global stage, they must cope with problems much closer to home.


Battling intolerance over the nature of their romantic relationship and long-hidden secrets within their families, Alex and Cassidy must confront the truth of their pasts in order to build the future they seek.


On top of it all, they must confront a conspiracy that spans multiple governments, intelligence agencies, diplomatic services, and international corporations if they are to finally discover the truth about the mysterious group known as the Collaborative—and about themselves.

Commitment (Alex & Cassidy Book 3)


It’s hard to be committed to anyone when you don’t know whom to trust.


Alexis Toles, a former FBI agent turned undercover CIA agent, is quickly finding that out in Nancy Ann Healy’s newest political thriller, Commitment.


Alex embeds in a secret organization of intelligence operatives known as The Collaborative. Its partners include operatives from the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI, US Department of Defense, and an entanglement of foreign intelligence agencies.


It’s about half a year after the death of President John Merrow, a friend and someone she respected. But she remains committed to overthrowing The Collaborative as she works with a onetime adversary who believes the organization’s involved in the president’s death.


Meanwhile Alex; her wife, Cassidy O’Brien; and Cassidy’s son try hard to live as a family but must first overcome personal struggles, including a nasty custody battle with Cassidy’s ex-husband, Congressman Christopher O’Brien. The family has their own share of secrets that, if unleashed, could affect their hopes for the future.


There’s no place to turn without discovering people who are not who they claim to be. That can’t stop Alex. She must remain committed to the cause, both at home and as she works against The Collaborative.

Conspiracy (Alex & Cassidy Book 4)

The past sins of fathers will return to haunt their daughters in the final installment of the Alex and Cassidy series.


What had started as a simple case three years earlier, forever altered the course of FBI Agent Alex Toles’ life. A committed investigator, Alex had always avoided personal entanglements. That was until she meet Cassidy O’Brien. Alex had been sent by President John Merrow to investigate threatening letters that had targeted Cassidy and her ex-husband Congressman Christopher O’Brien. Three years later, Alex finds herself a devoted wife and parent. Her life and her work center on Cassidy and their two children Dylan and Mackenzie.


Alex’s desire to protect her family and her need to uncover the truth about the past has led her to assume control of her father’s company, Carecom—a company that serves The Central Intelligence Agency. Now a CIA agent, Alex’s real mission has been to root out the foundations of a group her father once belonged to known as The Collaborative. In an effort to undermine The Collaborative’s resources, Alex has moved to acquire multiple companies that serve the intelligence complex. Her latest planned acquisition, a pharmaceutical company called MyoGen, has stirred the intelligence community into a frenzy.


As Alex moves to solidify the merger, her brother, Jonathan Krause finds himself pursuing a ghost from the past in a remote area of Siberia. What he discovers shakes the foundation of everything that everyone in Alex’s life thought they understood. The secrets held by MyoGen, the identities of Sphinx, and the man known only as Lynx will be revealed. Children will confront the lies created by their parents. And, parents will endeavor to protect their children when the roots of international conspiracies are uncovered.


The Swan and The Sparrow


Coming 2016

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