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Morgan Routh

Morgan Routh is the bestselling author of the Present Intimacy Series and of the book Moogie Covenant. Morgan's novel Geraldine: A Financial Pharmaceutical Thriller ranked as a #1 Bestseller in the category Parasitology, and Morgan's novel Sarah: An Introverted Demisexual Romance ranked #20 in Amazon's Top 100 Bestseller category for LGBT Anthologies and Collections.


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Geraldine: A Lesbian Medical and Financial Thriller

Present Intimacy Anthology Book 1

Dr. Geraldine Colburn is a tough, ethics-driven CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Ever since a mysterious, Valeant / Martin Shkreli type company called Shogi Industries started grabbing her stock, Colburn must fight tooth and nail to keep control of her empire. As the menacing threat gets closer and closer to a hostile takeover, Colburn is forced to court outside investors and battle internal coups. Greed and backstabbing is at every corner. Even in the bedroom.

While forces are trying to gut her from the outside, Colburn’s head of research and development, Hal Cibil, discovers a strange, disturbing retrovirus that turns humans into vicious parasites. Although highly illegal, Colburn and Hal begin experiments that try to modify the virus, hoping they can transform it into the cure of the millennia.

Toni is Dr. Colburn’s high-class contractual companion, sometimes known as a long term Sugarbaby. She is sexy, heartless, whip-smart, and damn good at her job. But when she finds herself falling in love with a quiet, unusual girl, she is thrust into a world of chaos and pain as she tries to hide it from her billionaire sugar mama. Her fate is interwoven with Geraldine Colburn’s, laced with seduction, power, and money. Her glorious sugar baby lifestyle is on the brink of collapse.

Geraldine is a novel filled with fierce hardship that spans every part of life. From heartbreak to passion, cold science to steamy sex, the highs of power and the lows of total loss, Dr. Geraldine Colburn must weather on, greatness awaits.

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Sarah: An Introverted Demisexual Romance

Present Intimacy Anthology Side Book 1

In a beautiful city, a sweet girl named Sarah works part-time at the zoo. Everything is exactly the way she likes it, simple. She lives in routine, steady happiness. That is, until an alluring woman named Toni crashes into her life. Suddenly Sarah is swept into a fashionable and chaotic world, tormented by the pressure of her old fashioned family and the temptation of passionate new experiences. The depths of these new, primal feelings yank her around. Pain and ecstasy she’s never felt before.

Should she turn her back on the safety and emotional security of what she knows? Charge recklessly into the arms of this high stakes love? Sarah is alone in her choices.

At first glance this may seem like a bisexual coming of age romance that includes lesbian sex, but Sarah belongs to the asexual spectrum in the lbgt community. She is a struggling young adult that finds herself through her relationships with her friends, family, and girlfriend Toni. This is a Present Intimacy Anthology Standalone novel that takes place concurrently with the book Geraldine by Morgan Routh.

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