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Michelle Marra


Michelle Marra was born in a small town in New Jersey and now lives in Pennsylvania with her wife of twenty-five years. Michelle's creative mind is always at work, whether it is in the form of children's books, poetry or lesbian fiction; she is always writing. When not writing she is an avid guitar player and song writer.

Michelle spends her days hard at work in the IT field in Philadelphia. She is an advocate for the rights amongst all species as well as truth and justice. With the completion of her Master's in Criminal Justice, Michelle is looking to assist in the research and education for intimate partner violence as she seeks to join the sector of higher education.

When not working or writing, Michelle enjoys Philadelphia's night life and dancing the night away with her beautiful wife. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends; and when she finds the time, you will spot Michelle with a guitar in her hand or her nose in her kindle.



Hell Hath No Fury Thriller Book 1


***WARNING: Book contains graphic violence***


Special Agent in Charge Nina Giorandano has it all, a prestigious career in the elite HRT division of the FBI, a posh home in an upscale section of DC and a beautiful woman by her side. Life couldn’t be better…that is until Nina’s teams fails to act in time to prevent a terrorist attack and the suicide bomber claims the lives of more than 250 innocent civilians on Italy's mass transit system that day.

In the aftermath, a media frenzy begins to unravel Nina’s life. Under the pressure of government and its aggrieved citizens, she is forced to resign from the elite division, demoted and relocated to suburban Philadelphia.

With the realization that her career is in the toilet, Nina begins a downward spiral that includes months of drowning her sorrows in a bottle of booze, withdrawing from everything and everyone around her and driving her girlfriend into the arms of another woman.
Broken and defeated, Nina hits rock bottom. She finally realizes it’s time to rebuild her life, her career and venture out in search of some female companionship, meeting a striking woman named Alex.

Nina and Alex embark on a wild and tumultuous journey that leads to a path of deceit, pain and violence. Unaware of the enemies that surround her seeking retribution, Nina uncovers who wants their pound of flesh and her discovery may prove to be fatal plunging her ever deeper into the depths of the Fallout

Justice Scorned


Hell Hath No Fury Thriller Book 2


***Warning ~ book contains some graphic violence***


In the aftermath of Nina Giordano's murder; the love of her life, Alex is blackmailed into sharing her home, her daughter and her bed with the psychopath responsible.

Amidst the abuse and terror of living with FBI Director Megan Kelly, Alex vows for the sake of her daughter, to get out from under Meg’s control one way or another. She joins forces with attorney, Amy Pannuzzelli in search of the evidence of the horrific and senseless murder of Nina and her brother, Nick.

The search leads the pair to embark on a relationship that ends before it begins when a new neighbor catches Alex’s attention. Her similarities to Nina begin to pull Alex closer and closer to the mysterious stranger who quickly capture’s not only Alex’s heart but that of her daughter.
Unbeknownst to Alex, her new neighbor has an agenda of her own; she too is searching for the evidence that with tie Meg to her grizzly crimes with the help of CIA Operative Jennifer Lawless. Their clandestine agenda will need to be fast tracked if their identity is to remain a secret.

Will they be able to find the evidence necessary to finally bring Megan Kelly to justice before time runs out for Alex and Nina?

Fatal Lure


Hell Hath No Fury Thriller Book 2


***Warning ~ Book contains violence and sexually explicit content*** 
Four years later; Nina and Alex are tucked safely away on the other side of the world seemingly enjoying life and acting as if there isn’t a crazed psychopath hunting them. That is until the death of a loved one brings Nina and Alex out of hiding and into a whirlwind of kidnapping, betrayal and murder. Will Nina and Alex be able to survive Meg’s wrath again or will they fall victim to her fatal lure?

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