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Maggie Dane

Maggie Dane resides in Austin, Texas, with her partner of 25 years and their three dogs and two cats. When not writing, she can usually be found torturing people with terrible puns, taking photographs of bugs, or performing duties as the household tech support.


You can contact her at


The Pickle Jar Chronicles

Can a spilled drink lead to true love? Karen is about to find out. A widow for five years, Karen likes her quiet, orderly, single life just fine, but her pushy friend Georgia has other ideas. A chance encounter at work opens up unexpected and, not entirely welcome, possibilities. Find out what happens in this debut short story by Maggie Dane.

The Pickle Jar Chronicles II

For new couple Karen and Joan, trouble comes in threes. A cranky mother, a mischievous cat, and the stress of the holidays take a toll on our couple. Will their love survive? Find out what happens as The Pickle Jar Chronicles continue in this short story by Maggie Dane.

The Pickle Jar Chronicles III

Joan and Karen are about to find out that the course of true love never did run smooth, as Shakespeare once said. The couple is forced to deal with a conniving mother, a missing cat, and two houses of furniture in this third installment of The Pickle Jar Chronicles.

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