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M.K. McGowan

M.K. McGowan currently resides in Austin Texas with her partner of 25 years and their devious and demanding drove of dogs and cats. When not writing, she can usually be found working in the garden, or, more likely, taking a nap. You can contact her at

Welcome to Longborn

Love at first sight? Not hardly. When Darcy Fitzwilliam first meets Elizabeth Austin, the sparks fly — and not in a good way. Sent to the small town of Longborn, Texas, on business, Darcy wants nothing to do with the local yokels until Elizabeth steps in and helps her with a prickly situation. It’s a comedy of errors in this alternative take on a beloved classic. One that might just have Jane Austen rolling over in her grave.

Demonology for Beginners

All relationships face challenges, but for Wilhelmina Harker and Lucy Drake, trouble is just beginning. Four years of marriage sees boredom creeping in. Until... 

One dark and stormy night, a beautiful stranger bites Drake. From there, life takes a frightening turn as Drake comes face-to-face with deadly immortals, mad scientists, and murderous thugs. Or, as Drake learns, the family. 

When Drake goes missing, Wil has to face the possibility that her wife might be turning into a vampire. Throw in a cranky police detective, Drake’s infatuated colleague, and one super surly feline, and things get really interesting. When the in-laws from Hell show up, well, suddenly, boredom doesn’t sound all that bad.

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