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M.E. Tudor

Originally from central Indiana, M.E. Tudor now lives in south central Kentucky with her partner, three grandchildren, three cats and an adorable dog. She also has two grown daughters who live in southern Kentucky and a total of nine grandchildren, including her partner's three grandchildren. M.E. has lived in Florida, Texas and Colorado during different times of her life and her stories reflect her love of traveling, hiking, camping, and being outdoors in general.

She has an Associates Degree and Bachelor's Degree from Western Kentucky University and works as a librarian.

M.E. Tudor is a a pen name created from the author's paternal grandmother's name. Her grandmother was a story teller in the Native American tradition from which she descended. Being a storyteller is something M. E. inherited and something she has been doing since she was a young child.

"I love creating stories that a reader will walk away from feeling good." M. E. Tudor

The Wrong Place at the Right Time

When Mary Hanon has to go into a leather bar to get keys from her roommate, Ashley, she doesn’t know she is about to have the most amazing sexual experience of her life. 

Jackie Meredith has had a crush on Mary ever since she started delivering UPS packages to the law firm where Mary works. She is stunned when she sees Mary in the lesbian leather bar known for sexual promiscuity. 

Mary gets cornered by three predatory women in the bar and Jackie comes to her rescue, which leads to an erotic encounter between the two of them. 

Mary and Jackie try to ignore each other after the encounter but their attraction to each other is too strong. As their sexual relationship starts becoming romantic, will the two women be able to conquer their fears to have something more.

Treacherous Souls

with R.L. Williams

Emily Jenkins is a simple housewife. She spends her time tending her gardens and keeping the house prepared for her husband, Kenton’s many business parties, but major changes are on the horizon. 
The revealing of Kenton’s dark side is going to blindside Emily. The secrets that have been hidden beneath Kenton’s perfect façade will be revealed. 
Blackmail, affairs, greed, and deceit are going to lead to murder. 

Judge Not

Ashley Jessup has enjoyed her sexual relationship with her dominatrix, The Judge, but she’s ready for a real relationship. She wants to be with someone who will let her kiss them, someone to hold hand and go on real dates with. 

Jean Carlisle has kept her private life a secret from everyone in her professional life. Only a few people know that she is the dominatrix, The Judge. She picks her submissive lovers very carefully and she usually only maintains their services for a short period of time, but Ashley is different. She can’t seem to get enough of her. Jean knows she needs to end their liaisons because she is becoming attached to Ashley, and that is something she can’t afford to do. 

Ashley taking the initiative to end their relationship throws The Judge into a rage and seeing Ashley in her court room pushes Jean over the edge. In her effort to cleanse herself of Ashley, she picks the wrong woman and Ashley must come to her rescue. Are they really done? Can they move on, or will fate and love make the decision for them. 

Second Chances

When Pam Matterson went to Kentucky to save Dorothy Durham from her abusive husband, she knew she would eventually have to face Dorothy's daughter, Casey. Pam had been in love with Casey in college but couldn't let Casey know. 

Casey Durham is moving back to Nashville to start her residency as an orthopedic surgeon at Vanderbilt University's hospital. She is looking forward to returning to Nashville and working for her pre-med school. The last person she wants to see again is Pam Matterson. 

Now, the two women are forced to deal with each other. Can they make amends and find the love they always wanted?

Afternoon Delight

Alice has been flirting with Jeri for months, but Jeri doesn't play with straight women. According to the rumor mill, Alice is not only straight, but I slut to boot. Alice finally talks Jeri into coming to her house for a beer after work, where Jeri finds out why Alice has the reputation she has and that she is not straight at all.

The Perfect Proposal

A Sequel to The Wrong Place at the Right Time

Jackie Meredith and Mary Hanon have been together for almost a year now. In this short romantic tale, Jackie finds the perfect ring and executes the perfect proposal. 
Find out how their story began in The Wrong Place at the Right Time.

Standing Her Ground

Jodi Nelson's parents force her to a pray-away-the-gay session at their church after she comes out to them. Pastor Haverty, the lead pastor at their church, takes Jodi downstairs for a private consultation when Jodi breaks down during the session. Jodi starts to leave the Church after Pastor Haverty left her to gather herself. She is grabbed and dragged into one of the rooms and raped. 

Three years later, Jodi is happily raising her son, Bryan as a single mother. Suddenly, a strange woman starts stalking her. Her parents show up and demand to see Bryan after not hearing from them since she left home. When she refuses, they try to get custody of Bryan. 

Jodi goes to the ACLU for help. Her case is given to the former family judge, Jean Carlisle, who gladly takes the case pro bono. With Jean's help, Jodi is going to stand her ground against the people who would hurt her son and her. She will prove that a single lesbian can be a perfect mother. 

As the case to keep Bryan in Jodi's custody progresses, secrets, lies, humiliations, and fears will be revealed.


Popular cheerleader, Jamie Edwards’ world is turned upside down when she develops a crush on bad girl, P. J. Thomas. Jamie doesn’t know what to think when seeing P. J. working at McDonald’s suddenly makes her heart start fluttering. Jamie has gone to school with P. J. for several years and never felt anything like this for her before. She has never had these feelings for any girl, and she’s terrified by what they might mean. 

Even though Jamie has known of P. J., she knows little about her, other than the fact that she has run with a pretty rough crowd for the past few years and been in a lot of trouble. But something is pulling her toward P. J., and it won’t go away. The more Jamie sees P. J. in the halls at school, the more she wants to see her, but she’s not sure if the barrier between their two worlds can be broken. 

Some of the other people in Jamie’s life are not happy about the budding relationship between the two young women, including Jamie’s ex-boyfriend, Todd; the leader of Jamie’s cheerleading squad, Diane; and Jamie’s controlling mother, Jennifer. 

Will they be strong enough to withstand the fallout when everyone finds out about their relationship? Who will come to their aid to help them stay together, hopefully forever?

It's All New: Making New Friends

(The Circle of Confusion Book 1)

In this first episode of The Circle of Confusion: It's All New, Jamie Edwards and P. J. Thomas are starting their first semester at college and Making New Friends. They are away from their families and friends and finding their way in this new environment. Being away from the watchful eyes of Jamie's mother allows the young couple more time to explore their budding romance, which is building the bond the two share. Jamie lives on-campus, and P. J. lives off-campus with her aunt, this is the first time either have lived away from their parents, and it's the first time in a long time that they've made new friends. 

This episode introduces new characters, Lori Weaver and Kayla Martin, each with very different stories. Lori has a class with P. J., and the two are becoming friends. Kayla and Jamie have a class together as well. Kayla wants to be friends with Jamie, but she also has a crush on her. 

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