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Lucy J. Madison


Lucy J. Madison is an author, screenwriter, and poet from Connecticut. She’s published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and is a credited screenwriter. Her first feature film script based on the life of Emily Dickinson is currently in pre-production. 

Her lesbian romance novel Personal Foul was named one of the Ten Best Lesbian Sports Romances by The Lesbian Review. The lesbian romance In the Direction of the Sun was named a 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist. 

She’s a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society, Romance Writers of America, Publishing Triangle, Story Circle Network, Rainbow Romance Writers, and Lesbian Authors Guild. 

Lucy received a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University and resides in shoreline Connecticut and in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Personal Foul


Kat Schaefer's career is on autopilot. She’s an elite WNBA basketball official. She survived an extremely rocky childhood but still finds herself adrift in her personal life almost two years after her longtime girlfriend dumped her. Kat's well-ordered world turns upside down when she meets a hotshot rookie named Julie Stevens who knocks her world off balance with her stellar play and captivating eyes. Despite Kat's best defense, she falls hard for the young player, but she's unable to open herself up to love again. Her solution is to retreat alone to the magnificent Provincetown beaches to heal old wounds and to figure out what the future holds for both of them.

In The Direction of the Sun

Alex McKenzie is settled into a comfortable life in her beloved hometown of Stockbridge, MA. Everything Alex thought she knew about life and about herself changes the moment Cate Conrad blows into town. Alex falls head over heels in love with the free-spirited artist and sailor but Cate's complicated past makes it impossible for her to commit. Devastated, Alex tries to heal her heart by hiking the famed Appalachian Trail while Cate takes to the water. Can Alex and Cate find their way back to each other?

I.V. Poems

"The language of these poems sings. The songs are beautiful, are sad, are happy. They will make you weep; they will make you smile. They will leave you wanting more, and wondering when the next book will come out. I admit, I did not just read these poems; I devoured them, a starving woman at the table of plenty. I haven't done that since the last time I read Erica Jong. I will read these poems again, and take my time, and chew each morsel carefully to extract all the flavor, all the meat, all the wonderful goodness.” - Lenora Goode


“I first encountered Lucy J. Madison’s poetry when the Tipton Poetry Journal published her poem, “The Farmhouse.” Her deft use of language and knack for choosing just the right word becomes quickly evident. These are intimate and fascinating poems that probe the mystery of relationship, often while exploring those spaces where one thing meets the edge of another: black night yielding to dawn, or ocean surf pounding against a sandy beach. Her facility for metaphor and personification brings words alive in new and often surprising ways.” - Barry Harris, Editor Tipton Poetry Journal

The One: Stories of Falling in Love Forever

Two short stories included in this anthology

Children’s books and romance novels promise us an encounter with a beautiful, mythical love – a passionate lover that sweeps us off kilter and changes everyday life into happily-ever-after. In reality, most fall in love a couple of times throughout a lifetime. Yet, those relationships fail to fulfill the “forever” expectancy – they end. Still, we hope that love, true and eternal will embrace us. We hope that stardust will cover the banal when life becomes monotonous or loneliness grasps us too firmly when days fades to night.  Reading about love triumphant sparks desire for more than uninspired routine existence. In The One, an assortment of writers chronicle the discovery of the one woman to share the rest of life’s journey.  Everyone deserves happily ever after!

A Heart Well Traveled - Vol. 1: Tales of Long Distance Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes

Discover the many facets of romantic relationships as authors in volume one of, A Heart Well Traveled, unravel the trials and tribulations of long distance love affairs. 

Each author, with their own unique style of storytelling, will leave the reader begging for more. Go from wild rides to gentle love stories, exploring the twists and turns lovers go through as they work to be together despite the distance between them. 

Explore bonds beyond friendship, chance meetings, family drama, gender complexity, longstanding love and unexpected passion as lovers seek their happily ever after. 

A Heart Well Traveled is a collection of short stories where women who love woman share the joys and challenges of long distance relationships.

Can love really conquer all?

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