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Leandra Summers

Leandra Summers was born in Africa and has travelled to many countries. In her lesbian romance stories it is those countries she uses for her background setting. She also writes lesbian domestic discipline for ladies who enjoy ‘over the knee spanking’ without any BDSM. She started her writing career as poet being published in Anthologies of verse in South Africa and UK. #leandrasummers Leandra summers instagram

Emily's Choice.jpg

Emily's Choice

Emily first encounters her new boss, Raven, during an unusual disciplinary meeting. She is immediately attracted to the sexy, dominant woman and has no hesitation in following Raven’s lead to the bedroom. Her life becomes conflicted when she realises that Raven’s call to domestic discipline is as strong as her desire for her body.

This book contains explicit sexual scenes and loving spankings situations between consenting women.

Jo And Jane.jpg

Jo And Jane

Whilst working overseas Jane finds herself attracted to her sexy boss, Jo. When they return to their home country, Jo offers Jane a chance to explore their mutual attraction, along with a lifestyle that Jane only subconsciously knows will suit her. Will Jane allow herself to live in a way that would bring them both true happiness?

This novella contains consensual female sex scenes and various forms of spanking. Please do not buy it if such material offends you.

Emma And Melissa.jpg

Emma And Melissa

This book contains the two separately published lesbian romance domestic discipline novellas about Emma and Melissa in one easy to read volume.

Dreaming of Wildflowers: A Lesbian Romance Domestic Discipline Novella
Emma decides to take an extended summer holiday to the Swiss Alps. She is determined to try to overcome the self imposed melancholic state she has wallowed in since losing her loving partner five years earlier. She is outraged to find herself chaperoned by a very attractive alpine hiking guide, that her over-protective father hired. Can Emma overcome her sense of loss whilst battling the unexpected desire she feels for the forceful Melissa?

Finding Home: A Lesbian Romance Domestic Discipline Novella
Emma and Melissa have moved to Emma's home town after their summer romance in Switzerland. Melissa, whilst loving her sometimes challenging partner, Emma, finds that she misses her previous career. When they agree to move to the mountains, they must both settle into a more relaxed lifestyle as well as accept the growth of their domestic discipline relationship.

This book contains scenes of consensual sex and spankings between adult women. If such material offends you please do not buy it.



This book is a combination of the three Marla stories, also released individually, in one easy to read volume.

Following her brother's death Marla has lost her way. She travels overseas, hoping to ease her pain. When her passport is stolen she is placed by social tourist services with loving wives, Skylar and Emma. Marla finds her life changing under their understanding yet firm care. Her life becomes more complicated when a love interest enters it in the form of the dominant, sexy Claire. Marla has to decide if a life of domestic discipline will help her find her way.

This book contains loving domestic discipline, spanking and sexual scenes between consenting women. If such material offends you please do not buy 

Fields Of Sugar.jpg

Fields of Sugar

Harper Aling is grieving the loss of her father. When she receives a notice from the bank informing her of the potential repossession of her beloved old family farmhouse amid the sugar cane fields of Kwa-Zulu Natal, she immediately flares up and sets off to challenge the bank's Executive Manager. When she meets the poised and very attractive Bailey Brice-Royalton, she finds herself battling, not for her home, but for her heart. Harper has to decide if she can allow herself to love and be loved by the very sexy, slightly dominant Bailey.

Loving Her.jpg

Loving Her

Chenay Swart has moved to the city, hoping to finally leave behind a family hurt and betrayal that affected the last five years of her life. She has managed to find contentment in her work's routine, but the past hurt has prevented her from establishing a long term, loving relationship. When she meets the sexy Victoria Carmichael, who brings her mother in for a medical procedure, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to her. Can Victoria help Chenay deal with her past trauma and reconcile with her sister, thus freeing her to live a full life with Victoria?

Tides of Love.jpg

Tides of Love

Lecturer Katie and paramedic Claire meet when Katie takes a sabbatical down the South Coast. They are attracted to each other and their relationship flourishes in the tropical and laid back holiday town. When Katie starts to miss her city life, she feels unable to tell the surf loving Claire, who has made her life in that part of the country.
Will love be able to transcend the differing needs both women have in their choice of lifestyle?

This story contains consensual sex scenes between women.

Capturing Her Heart.jpg

Capturing Her Heart

Lia has had enough of well meaning family and friends who lovingly keep setting her up on blind dates. She retreats to the mountains for a month's break in a desire to find some peace and quiet. She chooses the nationally famous Drakensberg range, known for its family and tourist activities, as opposed to a more 'singles' scene. When she meets the gorgeous Taylor who works at the resort, Lia finds herself struggling against her resolve to avoid any further romantic drama in her life.

This story contains sexual scenes between consenting adult women. If such material offends you please do not buy the book.

Loving Dangerously.jpg

Loving Dangerously

In a world that has been divided by a devastating experimental virus, Logan lives her life alone, helping her own kind gain the supplies they need to survive. During one of her supply runs she comes across the vulnerable, attractive Aquila who knows little about the lives of the affected. When Logan rescues her from a violent situation and takes her home, the two women feel an undeniable attraction to each other. Can love see them overcome their differences and perhaps even change the world?

Finding Their Way.jpg

Finding Their Way

Aimee travels to Spain taking an extended break from her work and the feeling that she is unable to find contentment and romance in her life. Within a week she meets the confident, sexy Lauren on the village mountain slopes, exactly like her mother had met her father forty years ago. Will history repeat itself and will Aimee and Lauren let the magic of the mountain lead them to true love?

This story contains sexual scenes between consenting women.

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