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Lacey Schmidt


Born on an air force base in back-country Georgia, but raised in urban Texas sprawl by existential humanists, Lacey Schmidt is a Zen ying-yang-yahoo with a great love of psychology, fiction, poetry, absurd humor, photography, wildlife, fast cars, random technology, and her wife. Previous publications include a poetry book, The Nightshade Lexicon, and the lesbian romance novel, A Walk Away (available in all formats on Amazon).  


Lacey’s Internet Presence:

Twitter: Lacey Schmidt @shrinky_schmidt

A Walk Away


Kat and Rand’s daily worlds are 2,100 miles apart, but something about their meeting on the magical shores of the nation’s oldest national park east of the Mississippi sparks questions that neither woman can just walk away from without answering.  Sometimes chance brings you to the right person to help you resolve some of your baggage, and you learn to like yourself a little more. Kat and Rand are smart enough to recognize this chance in each other, but they also find that there is a catch to every opportunity—walking toward something is always walking away from something else.

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