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Special Delivery Series

Special Delivery

Obstetrician Brooke Campbell helps families grow every day. She delights in the anticipation of her patients and finds satisfaction in watching new families be born, and families she's helped for years continue to grow. Still, something is missing in the doctor's life. Busy with her work, Brooke is determined to avoid romantic attachments. 

Tess Sinclair is a single mom raising two incredibly energetic children, Davey and Dani. Every day Tess delivers packages to Salem Women's Health Center hoping to catch a glimpse of an attractive doctor named Brooke Campbell. 

A chance encounter in a pizza parlor will change the direction of both women's lives forever. The doctor who has spent her life delivering bundles of happiness for others just got an unexpected SPECIAL DELIVERY of her own. 

Small Packages

(Special Delivery Book 2)

The holidays are starting off with a bang for Obstetrician Brooke Campbell and her girlfriend, Tess Sinclair. Six months into their relationship, the pair has fallen into a familiar routine. At least, it is as routine as any couple can get with two eight-year-olds in the mix. Life is never dull for Tess and Brooke living with Tess’s twins, Davey and Dani, and it is about to get a great deal more interesting. 

Brooke and Tess make their first visit to Tess’s parents’ home for Thanksgiving. Just like Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong seems determined to go wrong. The Florida sun can’t seem to warm the chilly reception Tess gets from her mother. Soon, Brooke and Tess find themselves doing damage control with Dani and Davey. 
With the Thanksgiving chaos behind them, Brooke embarks on a mission to find the perfect house for her new family. It seems like the perfect gift. But, change is not always as easy or as simple as Brooke would like it to be. Add a healthy dose of triple trouble twins, large batches of Christmas cookies, and the unsolicited advice of friends and family and you have a recipe for a fair amount of chaos and miscommunication. When Brooke finds what she believes is the ideal house, Tess is finally forced to voice her misgivings. Can Brooke and Tess find a way to create the perfect home together? Sometimes the most important gifts come in the smallest packages. 

Handle With Care

(Special Delivery Book 3)

Dr. Brooke Campbell has a surprise for her fiancé Tess Sinclair. While Tess has been preoccupied with moving them into a new home, Brooke has been planning a surprise wedding. 

Nervousness and excitement are in the air as Brooke and Tess look forward to new beginnings. But, merging families has a unique way of bringing back old memories. Brooke and Tess will need to confront issues from their past, old insecurities, and long held feelings of loss. At the same time, they must endeavor to foster a sense of security in Tess’s twins, Dani and Davey, as they commit to their life together. 

Personality conflicts, old misunderstandings, rebellious, nine-year-olds, and personal insecurities remind Brooke and Tess that love is a fragile entity. Moving forward in their life together will require them both to remember that families come with a special label—Handle with Care. 

Late Arrivals

(Special Delivery Book 4)

The Campbell-Sinclair clan is back in Late Arrivals. Dr. Brooke Campbell and her wife Tess are about to discover that growing a family is an adventure unlike any other. After the sadness of a miscarriage, Brooke and Tess are finally awaiting a new addition to their family. 

Amid the excitement of a new baby on the horizon, Brooke and Tess are faced with the growing pains of ten-year-old twins Davey and Dani. The pair that has spent their lives nearly inseparable has begun to search for their individual identities. As Davey and Dani begin to discover their unique interests and personalities, Brooke and Tess find themselves confronted with two extremely different children. Dani is driven, focused, and confident. Davey, on the other hand, is deeply sensitive, fearing rejection and searching for acceptance. Tess and Brooke struggle to find balance with the pair. And that is only the beginning. 

Brooke's medical practice has hired two new doctors, and one seems determined to challenge Brooke at every turn. Increasing activities for the twins, behavioral issues with Davey, and a new baby due to arrive force Tess to reconsider her career path. Parents have opinions. Children have questions. Schedules get crazy. Pregnancies aren't always easy. 

Overcoming old fears and disappointments, navigating the minefield of parenting, coping with two sets of drastically different parents, changes and upheavals in careers will require a unique prescription. A dose of patience, a touch of humor, and a wealth of love are just what the doctor ordered. Life happens in every moment. Brooke and Tess will discover that some things have to happen in their own time. Some of the best presents are LATE ARRIVALS. 

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