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By Design Series

By Design

Building bridges has a very different meaning for Jameson Reid than it does for Candace Fletcher. J.D. Reid spends her days designing some of the most elegant and majestic buildings and homes in North America. U.S. Senator Candace Fletcher has spent her life working to build bridges between people. J.D. Reid is not who Candace Fletcher was expecting to arrive on her doorstep. Candace will challenge all of Jameson's preconceptions about the women of Washington D.C. The enigmatic architect will test the resolve of the Junior Senator from New York. Two women will discover that falling in love may be out of their control, but creating a relationship in the world of politics and business is completely BY DESIGN.

Under Construction

(By Design Book 2)

It takes well laid plans to build a lasting relationship. Jameson (J.D.) Reid has years of experience designing tall buildings and even restoring majestic structures. She's worked to lay a solid foundation to her burgeoning relationship with Senator Candace Fletcher. But, love and architecture require different materials and tools. The landscape of Washington politics coupled with the opinions and intrusions of family are proving to be a bit rockier than most of the ground Jameson has had to navigate in the past. Can Jameson draft the right plans? Will the senator she has fallen so deeply in love with help her build on their still tentative foundation? Love is the main ingredient, but Jameson and Candace are finding their relationship is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Solid Foundation

(By Design Book 3)

Life is never simple in the world of politics. The pressure is on Senator Candace Fletcher to make a run for the governorship of New York State. Everyone seems convinced it's the right move for the affable senator. Everyone that is, except Candace. Life took an unexpected turn for the senator when she met and fell in love with Jameson Reid. Jameson isn't certain what is holding her lover back from pursuing the new role. She suspects Candace fears the change might damage their relationship. Can she prove to Candace that their relationship is built on a Solid Foundation?

Rough Drafts

(By Design Book 4)

One Year Later: Senator Candace Reid is beginning her campaign for Governor of New York in earnest. Things have been relatively quiet in the Senator's life. She and Jameson have fallen into a familiar routine, navigating work commitments and inevitable separations. Now, Jameson is about to confront a demon from her past. While, Canadce's three grown children present the couple with a few surprises of their own. Candace and Jameson are about to discover that life seldom remains predictable when politics and parenthood mix. That means changing plans. New plans begins with creating some Rough Drafts.

New Additions

(By Design Book 5)

Life is never dull for Senator Candace Reid and her wife Jameson. Senator Reid’s campaign for governor of New York is drawing to a close. Candace and Jameson are looking forward to welcoming the newest addition to their family. But life, like politics is unpredictable. With the election only weeks away, Candace and Jameson find themselves faced with unexpected and unimaginable loss. Upheaval, competing priorities, and the everyday ups and downs of life will challenge the entire Fletcher-Reid family. 

Candace’s required absences will place Jameson in the unlikely role of caring for two small children, and leading the family through crisis. Mischievous grandchildren, opinionated adult children, political detractors, and the demands of a political campaign create occasional chaos. Through both laughter and tears, Candace and Jameson endeavor to strengthen the bonds in their family. A few games of hide and seek, a healthy dose of Chinese food, and the persistent teasing from their children about Bible Study, bring much needed levity to the lives of Candace and Jameson. 

Loss is never easy. Candace and Jameson never waiver in their commitment to one another and to their quirky family. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Fall in love with them all over again as they welcome New Additions. 


(By Design Book 6)

Governor Candace Reid has been in office for just over a month and things have only begun to get interesting. While Candace traverses the state, her wife Jameson traverses the sometimes challenging ground of caring for their three-year-old grandson, Spencer. Life is anything but routine for Candace and Jameson. 
An unexpected crisis in New York City will force Candace to confront pieces of her past that she has long sought to bury. Candace attempts to juggle her responsibilities to her chosen position and to a growing family, constantly managing a myriad of personalities and conflicting ideas in every corner of her life. A visit to a women’s shelter introduces Candace to a little boy named, Cooper—an interaction that Candace cannot seem to put out of her mind. 

While Candace deals with the realities of being governor, Nana and Mom, Jameson finds that spending time with Spencer and Candace begins to shift her ideas about the future. Jameson will begin to travel an unexpected path herself, hoping to pave the way for her future with Candace. 

Through upheavals, questions, loss, disappointment, competing ideas and even arguments, the Fletcher-Reid family always seems to find its feet in a deep devotion to one another. A few nuggets of wisdom from Grandma Pearl, some colorful ideas from spirited children and grandchildren, and a fortune cookie or two will pave the way into the future for Candace and Jameson. At the end of every road, everyone wants to find a place they can call home. Sometimes, that requires just a few Renovations. 

Building Blocks

(By Design Book 7)

It’s often said that in life everything happens all at one. New York’s new First Family is about to find out the meaning of that familiar expression. 

Just a few months into her first term as governor, Candace Reid already has a full plate. Managing the business of the State of New York is a challenge that requires creativity, intelligence, and infinite patience. And, that isn’t the greatest challenge facing Governor Reid. With three grown children, and three grandchildren underfoot, the thought of becoming parents to a toddler had been the furthest thing from Candace and her wife Jameson would have seemed preposterous less than a year earlier. Now, the pair finds themselves juggling the demands of work, the issues facing their grown children, and the needs of their four-year-old adopted son Cooper. 

A devastating accident in the state, hurtful allegations, the meddling of distant family members, a health scare, and competing personalities will put Candace and Jameson to the test. As the storms of life rage and pass, Candace and Jameson must endeavor to find their way forward. To succeed, they will require patience, compassion, love, and laughter—the Building Blocks for the future. Falling in love may happen in an instant, relationships and families are BY DESIGN.

Lesson Plans

Spin-off off the popular series, By Design

Life in the Fletcher-Reid family is always interesting. For Michelle Fletcher, it's about to take an unexpected turn when a feisty redheaded architect named Melanie McKenna captures her heart. Love is the last thing that Michelle was looking for. Falling in love for the witty architect presents a few challenges. As far as Michelle knows, Melanie is straight. Worse still, Melanie woks for Michelle's soon-to-be step-mother, Jameson Reid. Still reeling from deception and heartbreak, Michelle is reluctant to follow her heart.
Melanie's private demons make her reluctant to jeopardize the closest relationship she has, her friendship with Michelle. Loss in Melanie's past, a family that has made her feel like an outsider, and a current project at work that is testing both her patience and her confidence, all conspire to weave doubt in the young woman's mind. 

Luckily for Michelle and Melanie, they are surrounded by wise and witty teachers who will help them master the one lesson plan they both struggle with—love. 

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