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J.A. Armstrong

J.A. Armstrong is a woman, a mother, a wife, an author, and an explorer.


From a young age she told tall tales and created make believe worlds full of adventure and romance. The difference between J.A.'s tales and those that she spent most of her young life reading, was that she never had much interest in those gleaming knights in shining armor that her friends seemed to dream about. She always wondered why the princess required a prince. What if the princess fell in love with one of her ladies in waiting? What if the princess was the hero; rescuing a damsel in distress and sweeping her off of her feet?


Those stories were nowhere to be found, so she created them in her imagination, and played them like episodes of a television show secretly in her mind. In one tale she would be the hero, sweeping in to save the day and capture the heart of her true love. In another, she would be patiently waiting until a beautiful woman appeared and carried her away into a new and exciting world. Sometimes she was a famous artist, other times a lonely princess, once in a while she was a pirate or even a space traveler. Every so often she was a simple farm girl, a doctor, the president, or even a rock-star.


No matter what J.A. became in her fantasies, the outcome was always the same; she found her one true love. And that is where all of these stories were born. So, travel along and enjoy the ride.

J.A. Armstrong has written four series.

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