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EM Hodge


EM Hodge -- Golden Crown Literary Award recipient for poetry, for the poetry collection, Undone

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, by a single mother in a housing project. Immediately after graduating high school, I joined the Navy. 

In the Navy, I was asked and I told. Out I came.
Earned degrees in philosophy, women's studies. 

After a few short stints teaching philosophy in colleges in Vermont and in St.Louis, I ended up with a tenure track job at a small college in California. 

Currently, I write full time for Sapphire Books, fulfilling an aspect of my life's dream.




Undone is a love story told in verse.  It is a journey of two women out of loneliness, to friendship, lust, love, and finally moving in together.  Hopefully, you will experience these poems as instances of sensuous experience in words spoken aloud with a lover.

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