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Elisa M Galbreath

Elisa M. Galbreath was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1967.  She was raised there until she was 13 years old, then moved to Baton Rouge.  She has a wonderful life partner and they’ve been together for 17 years.

Some of the things Elisa enjoys is, reading, playing Texas Hold’em poker, walking and playing with her fur baby, Chase.  She and Chase have a blast when they go to the dog park, and he is spoiled rotten.  He is called a Shorkie…that’s a Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mixed.  While Elisa’s life partner is at work, Elisa and Chase are up to all kinds of antics.  She is considering writing about their antics.

Elisa is self-professed moody Scorpio.  Sometimes she’s introverted and needs to go off on her own to recharge herself.  She has a great sense of humor, always going for the shock value.  Elisa loves to push herself to the limit as well. 

Some of her favorite music is, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Elton John, lots of music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  Some of her favorite movies are, Gone With The Wind, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Rounders, Under The Tuscan Sun, and Bridges Of Madison County.  Some of Elisa’s favorite books are, The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings, Stone Butch Blues, anything by Stephen King and Ann Rice.

She love to collect dragon and wizard figurines, and has a nice sized collection because she’s been collecting since she was about 16 years old.

Southern Butch Love

Drew Thibodeaux is a very handsome butch, and quite a catch. All the femmes cast in their rods to try and reel her in. Alone after a breakup, Drew decides to be single for a while. That is until sexy Nicole Landry, comes into her life. Not only has Drew fallen for Nicole, she has to butch up and handle an ex from Nicole’s past that is putting Nicole on edge. Is Drew up to the challenge? Read about Drew and Nicole in Southern Butch Love.

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