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Diane Fortier

Diane Fortier’s previous book, Practicing Eternity, is an intimate journey through the process of her partner Carol’s struggle and death from cancer.  It is the story of two young women who thought they had the world by the tail…until they didn’t.  Practicing Eternity was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award (Lesbian Non-Fiction).


Diane lives in Sonoma County, California.

Fizz in the Fire

Fizz in the Fire is a coming-of age memoir.  With humor and emotional depth, this book takes the reader on the roller-coaster ride of Diane Fortier’s childhood, teen, and young adult years, as she tries to make sense of her nutty, dysfunctional family and carve out a place for herself in the world. 


Raised by her mother — a pill popping, alcoholic, beauty; and her step-father — a cruel, debonair, alcoholic — Diane’s only ally is her flamboyant, cross-dressing brother, Jimmy.  At age 14, Diane is sent to lock-up at the Convent of the Good Shepherd where she finds a community of similar girls from dysfunctional families, and, under the vigilant eyes of the nuns, comes out as gay.

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