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Delores Cremm


I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio the youngest child of 4. Being so far behind my siblings, growing up, I became accustomed to inventing imaginary worlds. My make believe playmates had history of family, friends and places I never traveled. This was the onset of my storytelling. At age 8 I began writing my made up worlds, and continued the practice through out adulthood. I studied creative writing at a local community college, and am currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Accounting. I am a full-time caregiver for my aging parent and live with a 20 pound cat, I call Jerry. Prior to my caregiving, I worked several accounting jobs, but my true passion is writing. I live a quiet life with very little social interaction, but it suits me fine. It gives me the time to write. My focus on intersex characterization comes from a romantic involvement with an intersex person, and I feel compelled to include them in my novels. As a personal note from this author: I dedicate my published work to Intersex and LGBT individuals, because I feel that God does not make mistakes in the creation of people.



Province is a gripping story, featuring Intersex/epicene characters, romance, drama and suspense. A delightful page turning experience that hold its readers captivated, chapter after chapter in uncovering shocking details of scandal and deceit. 
17-year-old Christine Martin discovers her adoption from an ailing parent and is lead to an exclusive gay community in Vermont (Province). She learns her true heritage is the upper echelons of society and is astonished by her royal bloodline. She embarks upon a world of vast fortune and stumbles into a cesspool of mutated genes and madness. 

Thinking she's the firstborn of the rich and beautiful Kathy Gilbert, Cris discovers an older sibling Antoinette, who is intersex, tormented by the secret of her deformity and emotional abuse from her delusional mother. Cris finds her soul-mate, Rachel Norris, a glamorous young heir to a fashion empire, but in return for her newly found wealth and grand passion comes a valuable price—the narrow escape of her life. Christine fall victim to the bloodthirsty madness plaguing her eminent family in covering up a chilling secret behind her mere existence and the only one who is capable saving her from an untimely demise is her avenging angel, the powerful, clairvoyant, and intersex, Bonette Vanderhault. 

Redemption of Sacrifice

The Vanderhault Saga Book 2

Just when their world is calm, the Vanderhault Saga continues in Redemption of Sacrifice with Antoinette Gilbert caught at the threshold of insanity by what she believe is the spirit of her mother coming from the grave to avenge her arrest and betrayal. The ghostly encounters drive her to the brink of madness as guilt fogs her mind in creating delusions of Kathy. 

An urgent call from Anne Barrett brings Christine, Rachel and Bonette home from Boston to prevent Antoinette's path of self-annihilation. Thoroughly positive she is suffering from a mental breakdown, Rachel and Christine tries to convince Antoinette that the phantoms are figments of her imagination until the delusions produces a physical substance. Christine calls on the Vanderhaults to investigate the mysteries, and discover the hauntings at Gilbert Estate is a sinister plot to cover up murder and steal the manor's hidden treasures... 

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