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Dawn Carter


Originally from England, Dawn now lives in Texas with her two children. Dawn finds the relaxed atmosphere a wonderful place to pursue her love of writing. When she is not working or creating works of fiction, she is gardening, cooking, reading and volunteering her time as a paralegal for Legal aid. Her interests in writing include poetry, short stories, novels and journalistic feature writing.

Murder by Proxy


Suspicious deaths were cropping up all over the city.  What seemed like random killings had started to form a much darker and devious plan.


Special Agent Danni Pacelli and Special Agent Parker Stevens have once again teamed up to catch the serial killer.  The case, which had gone cold and dormant for seven years, is now again active and the body count is increasing.


Hidden secrets had caused a rift in not only their working relationship but also their friendship.  Diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, Stevens didn’t want anyone to know, so she hid it and continued to work within the agency, but gave up the thrill of the chase.  Each day was a challenge as the progressing disease crippled the once athletic and fit agent, and now she was faced with a case she could not ignore.  The killer was now taunting her.

Unbeknown to the Special Agent Pacelli, her partner, Annabel Flanery the head of research for the FBI teamed up with Detective Larson of the APD to solve the case.  Both hungry for advancement, they were risking not only their careers, but also their lives to bring the killer to justice.


Together they found one lead after another and eventually brought in a third party, Dr. Jan Lee who specialty was valuable, and everything seemed like it was going well until Jan disappeared.


They were now running out of time to find the doctor, hide their only live witness, and catch the killer. 

Forever Yours


A light rain fell softly, making the ground muddy and slippery. Twenty-six-year-old Taylor Fields didn’t even notice the weather as she walked slowly up the slight hill to the cemetery.


Upon reaching the top, Taylor closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She turned to her left and gazed down at the headstone, and seemingly lonely grave, at her feet. Her eyes filled with tears as she read the words on the marker. Beloved daughter Raven Compton.


Hot tears fell quickly down her cheek, and Taylor didn’t bother to brush them away. The action would have been futile; the tears never seemed to stop.


She thought of Raven every day. Every now and then she would turn her head just so, and Raven would be standing there, smiling. At times, Taylor felt as if Raven was looking over her shoulder while she cooked, and at any moment she would sneak up behind her, tickle her and then kiss her into oblivion.


They had shared true love - that rare kind of companionship that few couples experience, and fewer relationships survive.  They were young, gay, and living in a bigoted community. None of that mattered, Taylor and Raven had accepted that they were meant to be together, and were not afraid of what others thought about them.


They shared the kind of dedication to another that was without fear, or qualms.  Unfortunately, their fairy-tale life was cut short when Raven was killed in a head on collision with a truck.

Alone and grieving, what Taylor did not know, was that her true love had never left.  Raven continued to stand by her side in death as she did in life.  ‘Forever yours,’ were Raven’s last words, and she meant it.  Watching out for Taylor was her priority until they were reunited.


 Raven had no idea that would mean sharing Taylor with another. An angry jealous spirit with building powers, offers for an eventful night. But, when she saw the pain it was causing Taylor; the greatest gift she could now offer the one she loved, was to let her go and allow her to love again.

The Fallen


Turned into a vampire 1200 years ago, Nira fights hard to regain her humanity. She makes a pact with the Gods to fight the evil who is trying to destroy mankind and in return, the Gods agree to grant Nira her wish to become human.


A vampire assassin hardened by centuries of fighting against evil; disciplined and loyal, Nira never strays from her mission or the rules set out for her. She purged all her weaknesses, including her emotions to the back of her mind.


In a twist of fate she met Stephanie, and founds herself not only fighting for her own soul, but for Stephanie's life.  Consequently, the moment she met Stephanie, something dangerous woke within her, something possessive and powerful, she discovered she would do anything to protect the woman who was slowly claiming her heart, even break all the rules if she has too.


In the end, it is Stephanie who saves Nira... 

Out of the Mist

The Secret


What happens when two women, from different worlds collide?


Jordan Watkins, self-assured, successful attorney, who trusts no one, dates often and believes it is not in her genes to have a successful relationship. All that changed when she met and fell for Angela Gratace.


Angela who always knew she was different learned in her youth that keeping to herself was the best option. But, that was before Jordan Watkins walked into her office, and into her heart.


Thrown into a whirlwind of emotions, Angela was faced with the dilemma of having to admit she was not only attracted to the young successful attorney, but also women. Struggling with her identity, Angela questioned if she was gay, straight or bi-sexual, or just going crazy. Not knowing what to do, she is faced with the question of, should she risk everything she believed in, and face her demons, or die protecting the secrets? 

Heart Of Vengeance


Warning: Excessive sex and violence


How do you catch a killer, maintain a relationship and provide justice to the bereaved? A common question asked by FBI Agents, Parker Stevens, and Danni Pacelli who have partnered to solve the crimes. However, they found more than they bargained when rushing against time to stop and capture a serial killer, who is leaving a trail of dead bodies across state lines.


The charming Parker Stevens, who struggled from the loss of losing her wife and child to a predator, found herself fighting to protect her heart, when meeting Samantha Petrino and advertising executive, who was breaking down her defenses, and no matter how hard Stevens fights to protect her heart, she found herself falling deeper in love for the beautiful and intelligent woman.


Special Agent Danni Pacelli, new to the FBI, struggled daily to balance her personal life along with the job. In a last ditch effort, Danni convinced her new partner to utilize her girlfriend, Detective Annabel Flanery, who had received several accommodations for solving homicide crime to assist in tracking down their killer, or risk losing Annabel altogether. 

Heart Of Fire


Courageous, determined, Homicide Detective, Danni Pacelli's is unmoved by death and violence, solving one crime after the other.  The perfect life Danni had worked so hard to built, and protect, was now at stake when promoted and partnered Annabel Flanery, the charming, sexy and young rookie, challenged everything Danni believed in.  


The infuriating young detective not only frustrated Danni, but also had her questioning her feelings. Now faced with the ultimate decision of admitting it, and win Annabel’s heart, or risk losing the security, and life of solitude, she’d always known. 

The Crossroads


Sex and drugs, a way of life for Samantha Petrino, but the party girl found herself faced with bitter experiences which forced her to face the magnitude of her past and decide if she wanted to live for the day, or live for the future.


Standing on the sidelines, Samantha’s friend and business partner, Melanie Anocco, believed that you reap what you sow, and secretly took pleasure in watching Samantha fall from grace. A secret relationship and the beginning of betrayal began when Melanie pursued a relationship with April, Samantha’sgirlfriend.



The business partnership and longtime friendship ended sending Samantha running. Finding comfort in her therapist, Samantha found herself falling in love, but what could a married woman offer her? The journey of heartbreak and betrayal advanced forward until Samantha lost the one constant in her life, her high-school friend Brenda to cancer. Alone in the world,  Samantha was faced with putting the pain of the past behind her, rebuild the damaged friendship with Melanie, and give herself permission to fall in love.


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