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Darla Baker

From the time Darla entered high school she dreamed of being a therapist.  She took the only psychology class offered by the school and worked as a volunteer hotline counselor for Suicide Prevention. 


Following high school, she attended Georgetown College and Wright State University pursuing a BA in Psychology preparing for a career in Pastoral Counseling. 


As often happens, her life went in a different direction. So after graduating from Wright State University, she spent the next thirty years practicing therapy skills on unsuspecting software and systems engineers. 


Following a failed attempt at straight marriage, she has spent the last twenty years with her soul mate, Carol. Along with their two beautiful pit bulls, they split their time between Dayton, Ohio and Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. 


As her career in technology comes to a close, she's now counseling fictional people as a fictional sex therapist in the Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist series.


Darla craves hearing from her readers. You may reach her via any of the following channels:

Eagle Cove

Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist 

Book One

Thalia's life is perfect. She has her dream house on the edge of Lake Cumberland in Nancy, Kentucky.  She has a thriving sex therapy practice. Her sister has just moved nearby and is running the daily business of her practice.


She has a tight group of friends who keep her entertained and honest and a seemingly endless supply of ladies to meet her more basic human needs. Thalia has no regrets she's without a life partner.


Or does she?


A rough break-up five years ago left Thalia's heart in pieces. Thanks to friends and family her heart healed and she was able to find peace and happiness again. But not without scars that have left her unwilling to be vulnerable and exposed again.


When Amara walks into Thalia's practice seeking help for her friend, something ancient and terrifying stirs inside her.  


Will Thalia be able to keep their interaction professional or will the allure of "one who will be forever beautiful," as her name suggests, be too much for Thalia and her fragile heart to resist?

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