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A Perfect Dream Series

A Perfect Dream


Sex and politics can be an explosive combination. Beatrice, wife to a conservative lobbyist, can’t imagine being out in the open about her preferences and orientation, but lucky for her, there’s A Perfect Dream. Secret parties that only the privileged have access to fulfill every fantasy and need she can think of. Beatrice didn’t expect to meet Sage, a woman who not only satisfies her in every way, but challenges everything Beatrice has believed about herself so far. 

A Second Chance (A Perfect Dream #2)



Piper, no longer Beatrice’s friend with benefits, returns to A Perfect Dream for the annual sexy Halloween party. She misses Beatrice and Sage, but she finds the perfect solution to revive her fantasy. Between sessions of mindless indulgence and pleasure, she might become an accidental matchmaker once again. Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the safe space that A Perfect Dream presents to the women who seek unforgettable encounters.


Off Screen (A Perfect Dream #3)


Jasmine and Autumn star in the movies that the party guests at A Perfect Dream enjoy, romantic, steamy, toe-curling—it’s all for the camera. Working within the A Perfect Dream franchise gives them more liberty than they could find anywhere else in the industry, and it pays for tuition and renovation costs. Their lives become a little more complicated when real emotions come into play… 

A Sweet Deal (A Perfect Dream #4)


Kendall, sent to A Perfect Dream to spy for Beatrice’s husband, is in for the surprise of her life. The women she meets aren’t at all what she imagined, and each encounter opens up a new world of pleasure and independence. She falls in love with this new life of opportunities and lust, and one party guest in particular—but there’s a PI on the inside who’s investigating the leak at A Perfect Dream. Finding out that it’s Kendall is only a matter of time.  


An Intimate Case (A Perfect Dream #5)


What do you do when your boss books you an entire weekend for an erotic getaway, and you solve the case right away? PI Regan thinks that A Perfect Dream isn’t her scene. Ginnie catches her eye, but she isn’t ready to be Regan’s erotic adventure. Regan is torn between taking on this personal case, or giving in to the sensual feast that A Perfect Dream parties provide to all their guests.

A Complicated Arrangement (A Perfect Dream #6)


What happens when the party is over? During the Halloween event, Erica fell for Lee when both of them participated in a scene staged by Piper. Continuing a relationship outside of A Perfect Dream is not without complications, especially when Erica finds out that Lee hasn’t broken up with Ally yet. Will she be able to make her dream come true, or were they just one woman’s fantasy? 

Intended for a mature audience 

An Unexpected Development (A Perfect Dream #7)

Piper has the blues: Her recent visits to A Perfect Dream all seemed to have resulted in matchmaking, and some of the couples she created don’t have an interest in coming back—or they stay by themselves. All the women she once introduced to the erotic getaway, are doing fine without her…Until she meets Gracie who won her invitation in a secret lottery. Gracie might do away with her blues, but she confronts Piper, who never wanted a happy ending, with bigger questions—naturally, amidst highly satisfying encounters.

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