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Rachel Maldonado's Christmas Stories

A Christmas Wish


Often times we meet people by chance and they become the most important people in our lives, but what if there was something more to it? What if it wasn't a chance meeting, but something that fate had in store for us? Read this remarkable Christmas short story and judge for yourself. Was this chance meeting of two beautiful women during the holiday season a coincidence or a wish come true?

Un Deso de Navidad (Spanish Edition)


Muchas veces nos encontramos gente en la vida y llegan a ser las personas más importantes en nuestras vidas, pero ¿Y si había algo más que? ¿Qué pasa si no fue un encuentro casual, pero algo había destino nos depara? Leer este extraordinario cuento de Navidad y juez por sí mismo. ¿Fue este encuentro casual de dos hermosas mujeres durante las fiestas navideñas una coincidencia o un deseo hecho realidad?

Holiday Homecoming


When Gabby Charles finds herself on her college campus without a way home for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, her classmate, Teena, volunteers young, sexy Phoenix Dillon to drive her home to Texas, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Never having met before, Phoenix, a business major, and Gabby, a track star, find that they are polar opposites from the very beginning! How will these two very different young women, brought together by necessity and circumstance, deal with one another on a drive across country? Will they ultimately drive each other crazy, or find that there is more to their journey than they could have ever hoped for? 

Follow the twists and turns of this holiday adventure to find out the outcome! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to read it again and again!

Holiday Homecoming 2

You fell in love with Gabby and Phoenix in Holiday Homecoming. Now fall in love with their daughter Debbie and her girlfriend Dallas! Debbie is determined to drive across country to visit her parents for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Dallas wants as much as possible to reenact Debbie's parents romantic adventures! There is just one catch, Debbie doesn't want to use any of her parents' money to travel, and Dallas has forgotten her wallet! You're sure to love the misadventures, romance, fun, and laughs!

Holiday Surprise

Inspired by O Henry's The Gift of The Magi


Nicole and Vanessa Walker are newlyweds that have moved from big city living to Vanessa's small hometown hoping for a fresh start in the country. The young couple finds that starting out in a new place is harder than they thought it would be when they struggle financially. Times are tough, bills are piling up, and Christmas is upon them. Read this heartfelt tale of love, faith, and sacrifice to find out just exactly what lengths Cole and Vanessa will go through in order to give each other a perfect Christmas.

Christmas Retreat


Roommates, Sidney and Baxter, can't afford to fly home for Christmas, so they choose instead to go on a weekend singles retreat. Will they find true love? Or will they find more than what they bargained for? Read this delightful tale of love and Christmas spirit to find out!

From Take Off to Landing


A delightful tale of two young women, Julie and Natalie, that meet at an airport on their way home for the Christmas holiday. Sometimes in life we discover that unavoidable circumstances can bring people together, but there are also sometimes when those very same circumstances can also tear them apart. Follow this sweet, romantic adventure from take off to landing to find out what becomes of Julie and Natalie! It's sure to make you laugh!

A Country Christmas


Alex Townsend has come a long way from her small country town of Kingston, Texas. Having left her small town life behind when she left for college, she's spent nearly twenty years living in New York City working as a journalist for the New York Times. When her father suffers a massive heart attack, she flies home to Kingston to take care of his land until he recuperates. In the process, she meets a woman, Kelly Douglas, who's almost half her age and lives and works on the Christmas tree farm next door. They each have an immediate attraction to one another, but having attended school with Alex in her youth, Kelly's mother has a secret of her own to share. Will sparks fly? And, more importantly, with whom?

Christmas Kiss


Lynn Matthews has spent a year trying to get over her ex-girlfriend. She's fallen into a pattern of throwing herself into her work to forget her troubles, but when she meets her new gay friend, Brent, he encourages her to do more things. He urges her to get out of the house, have fun, and start dating again. 

Slowly, Lynn's life begins to change, especially when she attends a Christmas Gala, and things take an unexpected turn! 

Read this incredible story of friendship and romance. You won't want to put it down!

Un Beso de Navidad (Spanish Edition)


Lynn Matthews ha pasado un año intentando superar a su ex novia. Ella ha caído en un patrón de lanzar ella misma en su trabajo para olvidar sus problemas, pero cuando conoce a su nuevo amigo gay, Brent, anima a hacer más cosas. Él insta a salir de la casa a divertirse. 

Poco a poco, la vida de Lynn comienza a cambiar, especialmente cuando se asiste a una Gala de Navidad, y las cosas toman un giro inesperado! 

Leer esta increíble historia de amistad y romance. Usted no querrá dejarla!

Little Miracles Christmas Bake Shop


Newlyweds Maya and Sharon are having some financial hardship and need to leave the big city to travel across country to stay with family. Midway through their journey, Sharon falls ill and is hospitalized in a small town. Maya encounters an amazing bake shop with a friendly owner and a town full of people that welcome her with open arms. Was it fate that brought her to the town? Or was it something more? Read this heartfelt story of love and faith to find out!

Christmas Bear


Gwen Sanders has just received a bouquet of red roses and a beautiful white stuffed teddy bear as a Christmas gift, but she has no idea who sent them. Was it her ex-girlfriend Teena? Does Teena want to rekindle the flame that once burned so bright between them? 

Being a high school teacher, Gwen is determined to find out who sent the bear and flowers before rumors start to circulate. Could the Christmas gift be from Dawn Casanova, the English teacher that she has secretly admired from afar? Or are the flowers and Christmas bear from a secret admirer?


Read this romantic holiday mystery to find out!

Un Osito de Navidad (Spanish Edition)


Gwen Sanders acaba de recibir un ramo de rosas rojas y un hermoso blanco oso como regalo de Navidad, pero ella no tiene ninguna idea de quien los enviaron. ¿Podría ser un regalo de su ex-novia Teena? 

Ser una profesora de secundaria, Gwen está decidida a averiguar quién envió el oso y las flores antes de que los rumores comienzan a circular. ¿Podría ser el regalo de Navidad de Dawn Casanova, la profesora de Inglés que Gwen secretamente ha admirado desde lejos? ¿O son las flores y oso de Navidad de un admirador secreto? Lea este misterio de románticas para 

New Year's Resolution

Having had a bad experience with a woman when their rocky five year relationship fell apart, Maxine Peters, is determined to stop dating as her New Year's Resolution. She vows to stop dating, stay clear of women, and even says she will not have sex. Max's best friend, Pauline, bets Max that she can't go two weeks without having any of those things! Will she win the bet? Read this fun story to find out!

Christmas Locket

Janie Pendergrass is staying with her ailing Grandma Eva for the Christmas holiday to help out with chores and cooking. She is in her grandmother's attic when she finds a gold locket that her grandmother says is magical. She is granted three wishes. What will she wish for? And will the wishes come true? Read this sweet short story to find out.

The Knight Before Christmas

Princess Anna is betrothed to marry a prince by her parents, but since she is not attracted to any of the men, she stalls by convincing the king and queen that she wants to choose the groom. What's a girl to do? She is in a bind to select a prince by her wedding day which is to be on Christmas day! Be sure to read this delightful lesfic Christmas story by the best-selling LGBT author Rachel Maldonado to find out the outcome! You won't want to miss out on this magical tale of fun and adventure!

Ho, Ho, Hoax?

Baxter Robin owns a toy shoppe that was passed down to her from her father. She works day in and day out without ever having much of an eventful life until one magical Christmas Eve when she meets someone unexpected that changes her life forever. Read this cute Christmas story to find out what happens!

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