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St. John's Series


Calan MacLeod and Angela Davis burst into each other’s lives like skyrockets.  Love at first sight can be a heady experience, but can it last? This is the challenge both women face as they link arms and determine to face the world together.  Step by step, day by day, they face each new obstacle, confused and doubtful friends and family, together.  Each as fully committed to making the relationship work, grow more loving, as the other.  In this way, they hope to succeed and become a beacon of hope for others.


From broke college student to wealthy philanthropist, Angela Davis’ place in the world has greatly improved since she met Calan, and she’s bringing her friends with her.

As Angie finds success and support in her field, she becomes an integral part of the Foundation and her gentle hand stills the beast that roars within Callie.

Proving that some family is chosen, regardless of blood, Leigh charms the mysterious man from Callie’s past so that the Highland Lady has time to remember who she has become.

Trudy has spent years paralyzed by fear, knowing that, until she conquers it, she may never know a full and happy life.  When she does finally face her fears, the arms she seeks will surprise everyone.

Clan MacLeod

In this story, we see the friends of Calan Macleod, Tony, Sean, Gloria, plus her cousin Stephen join forces with Angela’s college friends, Trudy, Leigh, and Bonny to help Calan’s students, Judy and Jill the twins, Donna, Tanya, and former student, Shirly get past the torment of their former lives and find peace.  Together they all bond in a tight group that calls itself Clan MacLeod.


Orphaned and abandoned on the streets, Moira spent years avoiding those who prey on the helpless.  With a sudden change of fortunes she now has a different predator on her trail.  Will her suspicious nature prevent her from recognizing love when it shows up?  Only time will tell.

Nordic Desire

Stranded in St. John's because of the events of 9/11, Gudrun is forced to take the time to reflect on her life.  Determined to create a new life for herself, she returns to that far away city.  That new life suddenly appears and she finds herself falling in love with a poor woman.  The challenge now is for the rich girl to compromise, and just much compromise can she make?

Across the Miles

Two different women from different worlds connect over a long lost love poem. Suddenly Mildred flees England for the Wilds of Canada and vanished from Cecile's life. Can Cecile locate her and rekindle the budding long distance romance they both enjoyed so much? Even if she can, will it work once they meet in person?


Almost eaten alive by the fast lane in California, Abby MacKai retreats to the cold north to lick her wounds and start a new life. Out amid the rocks and wildflowers she meets Hazel and the sparks fly, but a misunderstanding can ruin everything, so can the crippling depression Abby struggles with from time to time. Can she pull herself out of the blue funk to save something beautiful? If she does will she be able to track down the girl who has fled?

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