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Carpenter/Harding Series

Indiscretions Carpenter Harding 1.jpg


(Carpenter/Harding Book 1)
After surviving an attack by a stranger, rookie officer Ellie Harding decides to put herself first and make bold moves in both her career and her private life, refusing to let the traumatic incident get her off track.

Detective Jordan Carpenter faces the decision whether to remain in a disastrous, but long-term relationship or give in to the attraction she feels for her younger colleague. Her partner Bethany isn’t willing to let go, of Jordan or the case, a sadistic killer who murders women for behavior he considers immoral.


Can they find him before he strikes again?

Insinuations - Carpenter Harding 2.jpg


(Carpenter/Harding Book 2)


When it rains, it pours: Jordan and Ellie make tentative steps towards a new start in their relationship. At the same time, the hunt for an escaped felon puts pressure on every member of the department. Protecting a witness ends fatally for one of their own, and the case reveals disturbing details in Jordan’s family history. Their biggest challenges, professionally and personally, are yet to come.

Incisions -  Carpenter Harding 3.jpg


(Carpenter/Harding Book 3)

The desperate search for Ellie continues. Can they get to her in time? As Jordan focuses all her efforts on finding Ellie, she must deal with her birthmother’s constant attempts at reconnecting. Meanwhile, Ellie tries to reason with the kidnapper whose agenda is unclear. Jordan, along with their friends and colleagues, works to prevent another loss for the department, and a catastrophe for the city.

Intrusions - Carpenter Harding 4.jpg


(Carpenter/Heading Book 4)

Jordan and Ellie are back from their well-deserved vacation. While Ellie is still dealing with the aftermath of her abduction, Jordan investigates the murder of a rich businessman. Gerald Ashcroft was a benefactor for many and seemed to have no enemies. Did one of his heirs have a reason to want him dead, or is the murderer someone else close to the wealthy victim? While trying to catch a ruthless killer, they also have to figure out how to deal with Kathryn’s continued efforts to make amends.

Initiations - Carpenter Harding 5.jpg


(Carpenter/Harding Book 5)

Coming out May 5, 2017

The murder of a young woman turns out to be a case of unexpected dimensions: Jordan and Ellie learn that it is linked to the Prophets of Better Days, a cult suspected of criminal activities in multiple states. Uncovering the truth takes some old and new allies, and it might come at a higher cost than any of them imagined…

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