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Jayce & Emma Series

Halfway Home.jpg

Halfway Home

(Jayce & Emma Book 1)


Emma has vowed to stay out of relationships after being betrayed by her ex in a dramatic series of events. All she wants is to find a job and a place to live, and be out of the halfway house by Christmas. She can’t afford to have any feelings for Jayce Finney, the new woman in the house, especially when it’s clear that Jayce has troubles of her own. Temptation might win over self-preservation, leading Emma not only away from her goals, but into danger.



Familiar Places

(Jayce & Emma Book 2) 

With a job, an apartment and not to mention, Jayce in her life, Emma feels lucky, but she finds it hard to trust that all this good fortune can last. An unexpected phone call seems to confirm her doubts, especially when she thinks she can’t tell Jayce who asked her a favor. The truth always comes out…Fear and doubts take Emma back to familiar places—will she be able to move beyond them?

New Rooms

(Jayce & Emma Book 3)


Jayce’s new case brings unwelcome confrontations with past traumatic events, and having to ask for assistance from an unusual source. As she uncovers the criminal activities behind the scenes of a psychiatric ward, Emma can’t stay on the sidelines. Even though Jayce isn’t happy with her involvement, Emma manages to help her put the pieces together—but danger is looming close for both of them.

Close Quarters.jpg

Close Quarters

(Jayce & Emma Book 4)

Emma has found a home with Jayce, and a career as the manager of Kitty’s greeting card store. Meanwhile, Jayce is thinking about changes in her own career. Life could be perfect if it wasn’t for a criminal choosing the store to hide from the police, on the day Emma is training a new employee for the first time…

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