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Callie & Rebecca Series

Autumn Leaves

(Callie & Rebecca Book 1)


With one revelation, her world will shift forever.

Rebecca has everything she ever dreamed of in life: a family, a beautiful home and good friends. When Callie moves into the house across the street, Rebecca is quick to welcome the young writer into the tightly-knit community of Autumn Leaves. She has no idea that Callie will confront her with a truth about herself she might not be ready to face.

All Callie wanted was to flee the big city and finish her latest book in peace, but life in the small town comes with unexpected temptation and danger.

Winter Storm

(Callie & Rebecca Book 2)


Rebecca and Callie have made a commitment to their relationship. New challenges arise as Rebecca continues to find her identity. Callie is confronted with an ex she would have preferred to avoid. Nicole wants to be back together with her, and she uses all her manipulative skills to achieve that goal. With a new minister in town and an unexpected threat, Rebecca and Callie will face even bigger trials. How much can their new-found love take?


Spring Fever

(Callie & Rebecca Book 3)

What doesn't kill love…makes it stronger.

Callie has a hard decision to make when her ex, Nicole tries to blackmail her with an old secret. The timing could not be worse as Maggie still suffers from nightmares related to previous traumatic events. Andy, a new resident, is eager to make friends and promote the prejudice Callie and Rebecca have grown tired of. They have learned that trust is the most important thing in a relationship, and when you have it, hate cannot touch you.

Summer Wine

(Callie & Rebecca Book 4)

Rebecca and Callie plan to visit the family of Dina’s boyfriend. They are in for some surprises before they can go on their journey. David has news that brings yet more changes for Dina, and therefore all of the family. Andy’s whereabouts are revealed by an unexpected source.

Callie and Rebecca’s Italian adventure turns out to be an exploration of the past as well as the future. In her book series, Callie’s characters say I Do, but is it too early to think about this question in her real life?

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