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C.L. Cattano

C. L. CATTANO lives in the Midwestern U.S. with her partner and their dog somewhere between the city and the forest. With a joy for traveling, she and her partner have visited many countries and have a love for meeting people and learning about the places they visit. When possible she likes to include references in her work about the things she has learned, the places she has been and people she has met while on her travels and in her everyday life.

Cattano has a variety of creative interests including, but not limited to, creating art, writing, photography, and throwing huge lesbian parties.  She considers herself a ‘Jack of All Trades’ dabbling in what she terms the 'whimsies of her soul' that pull her toward happiness and fulfillment.


Cursed Hearts

THE LOVE OF TWO souls has transcended time because a gift was given by a bored demon on All Hallows’ Eve. That gift has now turned into a curse. The souls now trapped in the demons’ game have lived many lives and had many names. Their love has brought them together many times, no matter their relationship status or their gender. 

Along with the curse, they are followed through time by a moonstone pendant and a pumpkin seed that are both required to help break the curse. If the souls find each other, they have only one Halloween night to fight the curse or be ripped apart once again. 

When the soulmates, the pendant, and a pumpkin grown from the seed are together, the story of their beginning is told and the riddle they must solve is revealed. The souls must join together in fighting the curse so they can finally live a lifetime with each other. 

It is time again to fight the demons that have turned a gift into a curse…

Shattered Paradise

(Salvaggio's Light Book 1)

This epic series invites you into the life of Rafaella Salvaggio and all of the people in her life, from family and friends to lovers and enemies. Her life has been full of tragedy, secrets and betrayals and lately everything has been spiraling out of control. The past is catching up with her and she will have to fight to get her life back. In her struggle to win back the woman she just cannot live without, her metal will be tested. She will be up against her own inner demons as well as a fundamentalist group whose mission it is to separate her from her ex-partner and their daughter.

Blue Inferno

(Salvaggio's Light Book 2)

Rafe Salvaggio has survived her first relationship after her breakup with Eden, but the relationship was short-lived, and she misses having Greer in her life. Alone again and determined to figure out her next steps in life, she keeps busy with her new job and building an art studio to help a grad student while spending more time with her daughter, Bronte. But love and a near tragic event draws her back toward thoughts of rekindling her relationship with Eden. Those thoughts are corrupted by an unexpected conversation with Jake.

Renewing his efforts to complete his Mission, Jake has agreed of accept the help of Daniel to restore his standing in the eyes of the reverend. When the duo makes their move Eden and Flynn must fight to save Bronte. Eden goes to Rafe for help—but keeps her secret about Jake and the Stewards. To protect his friends, Flynn buys a gun and learns to use it, all he has to do is aim and pull the trigger slowly. In the meantime, Abby is still working on her plan to help Rafe and Eden get back together—but on her terms, she doesn't want Rafe going back to her ’wildling’ ways and making wagers with Julia. Balancing wanting to have fun adventures with Rafe as a friend and her old feelings of wanting more, Julia does what she can to insert herself further into Rafe’s life. 

Emotions run on high as secrets and intrigue cause relationships and friendships to be tested.

Will Rafe decide to follow Greer or give in to pressure from Abby and start being more open to Eden? Will Eden tell Rafe about the information she received about Jake? Will Jake fulfill his mission and get back on good terms with the reverend? Find out in Blue Inferno — Book Two of Salvaggio’s Light. 

Secrets & Rivalry

(Salvaggio's Light Book 3)

After a weekend in bed, Rafe Salvaggio takes action based on her conversation with Jake. She works to protect herself and her relationship with her daughter while focusing on her job. A disgruntled student causes a hostage situation at the California Conservatory of Art and Design, and Rafe makes a decision that may end her torment. 

Greer Noble shows her deep affection for Rafe and finds an opportunity to fight to help her as she hopes Rafe will be able to move forward with her life. 

Eden Kingsley finds herself dealing with the unexpected change in the way Rafe is treating her and recruits Flynn to help. After a severe anxiety attack, she finally decides to talk to someone who can help her with the conflict she feels inside. 

Will Jakes ploy to keep Eden and Rafe part succeed? Will the help Eden gets help with the turmoil she feels inside? How will the hostage situation affect Rafe? Will the antics of Abby be enough to help forge a common ground for healing?

You won’t want to miss any of the action in this epic drama as Secrets & Rivalry, book three of the Salvaggio’s Light serial, continues the journey of this epic lesbian romance.

Wildling's Claim

(Salvaggio's Light Book 4)

Rafe Salvaggio is working to move her life forward since the hostage crisis at the Conservatory. She is focusing on work and researching the art of intrigue to keep her mind busy. Tired of the games she feels Eden and Jake are playing, she decides to take control and play by her own rules.

Eden Kingsley focuses her energy on regaining Rafe’s trust and in finding the courage to reveal the issues she has been dealing with—from the things revealed in her therapy sessions to the secrets she is keeping. 

With his mission in jeopardy, Jake fights to renew the confidence of the reverend by escalating his efforts to ensure the Stewards succeed with their mission. 

Will Jake’s efforts work, and will he be able to prove his worth to the Stewards? Will Eden be able to convince Rafe she is trustworthy? Once Rafe changes the rules, will the game she feels caught up in finally come to an end and go her way? 

You won’t want to miss any of the action in this epic drama as Wildling’s Claim, book four of the Salvaggio’s Light serial, continues the journey of this epic contemporary romance.

Sowers Of Discord

(Salvaggio's Light Book 5)

Rafe Salvaggio is cautiously awaiting Eden’s answer about signing a cohabitation agreement. At work, she is reaping the benefits of being awarded a substantial grant and preparing for the publicity and a party to celebrate the award. Abby and Jude try to help Rafe deal with the stress of negative publicity and bring a special friend along.

Eden Kingsley knows their relationship is still in a fragile state but can’t help feeling elated about being in Rafe’s life again. Her hope is that they win the upcoming court case so Rafe will believe they will be a family again. 

Mason expands on his plan and recruits Trouble to help pull it off. Jake is desperate to get his mission back on track and get out from under Mason’s thumb. 

Will Rafe find out the truth about Jake and Eden? Where will Eden’s lies lead? Will Jake succeed at the task Mason gave him and take back all that he lost? 


Fire Of Wrath

(Salvaggio's Light Book 6)

Rafe Salvaggio has disappeared, and her friends are desperate to find her. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that they find Rafe because Eden Kingsley and Jake Thompson have been rushed to the hospital covered in blood. 

The group of friends await news about the status of Eden and are worried about what will happen when Katheryn tells Rafe everything Eden has been hiding. Flynn is desperate to know if Eden will make it and the police want to charge him with a possible double homicide. 

Mason finds that his plans to take down Jake and the Stewards have to be altered before he can leave for his new job overseas.

Confronting Darkness

(Salvaggio's Light Book 7)

Rafe Salvaggio was left behind in Mexico and has to decide where she is going next. Eden Kingsley and their other friends can do nothing but wait and hope Rafe will come home. Katheryn Hardam has a new client who may be the key to stopping the Stewards group. She has new information and must decide if she only shows it to Eden or if she shows it to Rafe as well. Julia Hawthorn decides to help Eden and gets their friends involved. The issue is will her help be hindered by old jealousy or will she be able to put her feelings aside. 

Traditore 8.jpg


(Salvaggio's Light Book 8)

Rafe Salvaggio is working to get everything in her life back on track. She hopes by changing her priorities, she can relive some of the pressure she is under from Eden and their friends. 

Eden Kingsley is dealing with a lot of new information about Rafe courtesy of Julia. She is also beginning to feel the weight of the promises she made to Rafe about the secrets Rafe shared with her. She hopes focusing on Rafe’s birthday and enjoying family time will help strengthen their relationship. 

Julia Hawthorn is biding her time, hoping things will work out for her own agenda.

Traditore 9.jpg

Cyprian the Fair

(Salvaggio's Light Book 9)

Rafe Salvaggio took precautions to protect herself from being placed in a medical facility against her will. Now those precautions have come to light and the fallout causes chaos abound. Rafe’s childhood friend Gabri has taken Rafe under his care and made the decision to get her home to Italy.

Eden Kingsley must find the courage and the strength to step out of her comfort zone and follow her heart—even if it means flying thousands of miles away to an unfamiliar place. Her daughter Bronte is growing up fast and needs Rafe in her life. Eden must unravel the truth about Rafe’s affair and travels to New York to confront the past.

Julia Hawthorn is helping Eden with everything from taking care of Bronte to getting through the trauma of Rafe being whisked away by Gabri. She is methodically infiltrating Eden’s life with the goal of keeping Eden for herself. If she can’t persuade Eden not to travel to Italy, she will accompany her to protect what little ground she’s gained. She is not afraid of confronting Rafe and spinning the narrative to get what she wants.

Traditore 10.jpg

Frenzied Love

(Salvaggio's Light Book 10)

Rafe Salvaggio is struggling. The appearance of Eden and Julia, who have made the trip to Italy with the hope of taking her home, has caused setbacks in her progress. Gabri and Nora are trying to help Rafe but are worried about her ability to cope with more loss and chaos. After spending the day with Eden, all the fears and worries Rafe has are confirmed. She knows now that Eden is with Julia. Living with the change will not be easy. Though she knows the sad truth, she is still compelled to tell Eden another secret. It is a secret she has kept most of her life, one that has defined her and kept her a prisoner of guilt. 

Eden Kingsley is hanging onto hope. She has to convince Gabri to let Rafe come home, but he is not an easy man to confront. She doesn’t know that Gabri is not the only obstacle keeping her from being with Rafe. In order to get what she wants, Eden will have to push herself to overcome her own anxieties and dare to step beyond her comfort zone. 

Julia Hawthorn is angry. She is angry that Rafe is once again getting away with abandoning not only their friendship but Eden and Bronte. She has vowed to protect Eden while waiting for her to see that Gabri will never let Rafe come home. She has her suspicions about who Rafe may have really had an affair with and plans to confront her and do whatever it takes to make sure she leaves Eden alone. Once they are back in America, Julia plans to take good care of Eden and wait patiently for her love. 

All the lies and secrets are catching up with them through the chaos. A wrong decision could mean the end of paradise forever. Will friendships survive? Will love survive?

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