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Baren Nix


Baren Nix lives in a small east Texas town with her furry pet, Buddy. She's a retired Dallas elementary school teacher. Baren loves to draw and paint landscapes, nature, and abstracts. She's been named to the Marquis Who's Who Among Teachers, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. Baren is laid back, easy going and loves to laugh and have fun. Many of her story ideas come from real life events and from actual conversations.

Interludes of Passion


Fifteen mini-love stories of everyday women meet other ordinary women fulfilling their desire, their ache, their thirst for romance. Not only are young women falling in love, but also mature women are seeking love and friendship, finding romance is still alive later in life as well. Whether these women find their long lost love after being separated for years to finding a new love right around the corner, down the road, in a nearby café or at a fun-filled gathering to renewing their forgotten love through a weekend get-away or by starting over or simply by daydreaming—these women, these extraordinary women, all pursue their lust for life, their zeal for love and their heat for romance in their daily lives through their fury of passion as they strive to live happily-ever-after. Whether they're peeling off their clothes and letting them slide onto the floor or throwing them across the room, they welcome their time together in making love gently and tenderly or simply touching and compassionately fondling. Whatever their method, this remarkable breed of women fall in love, no, they hunger for each other in adoration, in affection, but most certainly in passion.

Love Me Completely




After an unhappy marriage, Marie Taylor is finally free to be herself and explore her sexuality once more. But she's lonely and wants to find love. Her old ways of searching for someone special hasn't worked. Finally meeting the love of her life, Jada, a younger black woman, Marie puts everything she has into this new relationship wanting to live happily ever after. However, after learning about Jada's family issues and dealing with her personal secret, Marie begins to wonder, what is in it for her. Nevertheless, unforeseen things go wrong and she sacrifices all, even her mental and physical health, to keep her relationship with Jada alive. Did she really find what she was looking for when she met Jada? Will she ever have the happiness she so desperately desired? Jada Richards answered the call for companionship with Marie, but hesitantly, she's unwilling to meet Marie's demands. Jada is also afraid to let her mother know her closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, she's confronted with some disturbing news which threatens to destroy her future with Marie. Jada overwhelms herself physically to keep from thinking about her problems until she finds out the truth. Will her secrets keep her from happiness with Marie? Will her suspicions cause her to miss out on the best thing in her life? Kelly Belo answered Marie's call for friendship as well and goes with her new friend everywhere. Being attracted to her dance partner, "Kelly" makes it her life's mission to become more than just Marie's friend, even if that means taking advantage of her and ruining her life. What's Kelly got up her sleeve to make Marie want her? Is she truly what she seems?

The Cellar's Secret


After the death of her mother, Amie Nolan moves from the big city to a small Texas town where she gets involved with the town's folk or rather them with her. She meets the local feed store owner, Bobby Jo Spencer, and is immediately attracted to the lovely woman. 

After Bobby’s painful past shows up unexpectedly, Amie pulls away from their connection and ignores her feelings for Bobby. She then focuses all of her attention on her surroundings, on her new-found talents, on her friends, and on finding the truth about some interesting artifacts. 
However, she keeps hearing a distress call making her wonder…Is anyone in trouble? 

Bobby is equally attracted to Amie and she won't let Amie forget about her when it looks like all was lost. Can she make Amie forget about her past? 
Will she be able to stand up for herself and face her troubles? 

Meanwhile, a severe storm blows through town a second time causing Amie and Bobby to hold up in a deep cellar finding themselves faced with their emotional attachment. 
Can they put their differences aside, mend their lives, and forget the pain or is it too much to overcome? 

What secrets does the cellar hold that effects both of these women?

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