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Barbara Dennis

Barbara lives on the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio with her wife and well loved pets. As a young woman she enjoyed exploring nature and art, nurturing her talents in drawing, writing and graphic art. While in school she pursued undergraduate studies in Business with a concentration in Graphic Art. Her love of the outdoors led her to a career as an Operating Engineer, where she has the added bonus of working a job she loves as well as enjoying the outdoors. In later life, Barbara, continues to explore life, gaining new ideas for her short stories and novellas. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, writing and nature photography. “Cricket” is her first published book where she writes about a woman’s journey through loss and how she emerged triumphant.


Now in her mid-forties, Cricket has found herself existing with the unexpected loss of her long-time lover Gerry. With the support of her circle of friends and the love of her Bernese Dog, Monkey, she continues to live, breathe, and hope for the emptiness to fade. Resigned to believing the hurt will stay, an unforeseen possibility of a new love interest breezes into her life through meeting new friends. Can Cricket lower her guard and allow another person into her heart, or will she push them away and forever struggle with the constant heartbreak? A touching story that portrays everyday struggles with unpredictable scenarios.

A Wicked Kind of Love: Anthology

Love pulls you in different directions, sex opens your mind to other possibilities, romance warms your heart, and the unknown keeps you guessing. Five different stories by five different authors, equals, five romances that you will fall in love with.

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