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B.L. Wilson


Author and publisher, B.L. Wilson, has always been in love with books and the words in them. She never thought she could create something with the words she knew. When she read ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird,’ she realized everyday experiences could be written about in a powerful, memorable way. She felt she had a story to tell…maybe several of them. She’d always kept a diary of some sort, scraps of paper, pocketsize, notepads, blank backs of agency forms, or in the margins of books. It was her habit to make these little notes to herself. She thought someday she’d make them into a book.


BL Wilson writes about what she knows best…the Big Apple with all of its intriguing folks.


She says: “As a new writer, I am always looking for opportunities to tell a story. I noticed there weren’t many romance, adventure or mystery novels with African-American lesbians who were main characters. I decided I could fill that void and so I started writing novels with those ideas in mind.


I also wrote my novels because I wanted to read more fiction novels that had protagonists who were lesbians that happened to be African American, too. I figured other women might feel the same way I did about the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. When I finished my novels, I worried that I would have a small, limited audience.


My heart says no worries, now. I believe my novels are marketable for all readers who like a damned good story line told well!”


Please enjoy my novels.  

BL Wilson

Safe Haven


In her novel Safe Haven, a runaway ‘wife’ discovers love in the arms of a female doctor who treats her broken bones and bruises then mends her broken heart. Joanna Fairfield AKA Ms. Smith AKA June Davis is on the run from a murderous man who wants more than her love. Vicious killer Vernon Brown wants to take Joanna’s son, adopt him and kill her. Running away for the second time on a dark stormy night, Joanna stops in a place called Eagle View, North Carolina. It’s the small town her grandmother always claimed was a good place to raise any child. Her son, Danny is ill and she needs a doctor. When she meets the town’s one and only family doctor, Dr. Ellie Winston, sparks fly.


ASIN: B00OGVCQUQ (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1502758941 (Print Version $11.99) 
ISBN-10: 1502758946 (Print Version $11.99)  

Old Man Peterson

Murder, it's all in the family


Read Old Man Peterson, murder it’s all in the family and discover a story of revenge and retribution inside one African American family. Lieutenant Abigaile Truman’s latest case involves a skeleton in the closet, literally; and it has been there sixty years. Ina Peterson’s husband has been missing for just that long, so odds are the skeleton is his. Thing is, Ina has what appears to be a serious case of dementia, and her fiery granddaughter Jannita has her claws out in her defense. She and Truman clash in every way—or do they? As the case progresses, increasingly sabotaged by outside forces, it becomes obvious that there is more than one skeleton in the Kennedy-Peterson closet, and someone is resorting to murder to keep them there.


In this surprising, sassy romance, sparks of contention turn to passion as Ina’s story of struggle during the Depression in the South and betrayal and lust when she marries above her station slowly changes the lives of three very different women.


ASIN: 1502759322 (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1502759320 (Print Version $15.99) 
ISBN-10: 1502759322 (Print Version $15.99)  

I'm Your Baby Tonight


I’m You Baby Tonight, but what about tomorrow imagines you could be anybody that you wanted for one night. You could dress up in a magical costume and party ‘til the sun came up. Nobody not even your mother, if you had a mother, would know it was you. Suppose you learned a woman that you’d always wanted but had rejected you a million times, was attending the party, too. What do you do? Would you go to the party? If you went, who would you be and what would you wear? How would you recognize her?  A City Park Ranger trades in her identity for one night of loving an older woman who refuses to accept the real her.


ASIN: 1502990407(Kindle Version $.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1502990402(Print Version $8.99)  

ISBN-10: 1502990407 (Print Version $8.99)  


A New York Love Story


Buildings, a New York love story is the tale of a single mother with three children looking for a good woman but can’t see the best woman is right in front of her.


City building inspector, Maxine Simms finds Samantha Armstrong’s children in a dangerous basement and brings them home slightly injured but no worse for the wear. She forgets to return the little girl’s bike and it becomes the excuse to see Samantha again. The two women begin dating and things couldn’t be better.


Maxine is crazy about Samantha and her children. The children, Emma, Timmy and Billy like Maxine and her scrappy little bulldog, Butchie, a great deal. Samantha thinks she loves Maxine until her ex, Sergeant Norma Higgins, pops back into the picture injured and in need of her tender loving care. 


ASIN: B00SP718DI (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1505847970 (Print Version $13.99) 
ISBN-10: 1505847974 (Print Version $13.99)  

Second Chances

At Love and Murder


In the sensual thriller Second Chances, at love and murder, a woman regains consciousness from a fifteen-month coma. She has a second chance at life while her killer has a second chance to murder her. Will the woman’s assailant finally succeed in killing her before the cop, who reopens the cold case, can prevent the murder?


Lieutenant Gwen Weston “meets” playgirl, Dr. Angela Bennett, when she investigates an attempted murder on the doctor’s life. Fifteen months before, a brutal assailant left Dr. Bennett to die on an isolated stretch of Harlem River Drive in New York City. The beating put her in a coma and Gwen was as surprised as everyone else that the woman could survive the extensive loss of blood and physical trauma.

 After her investigation reveals no suspects, Gwen closes the doctor’s case but maintains a monthly vigil at the coma clinic. When Angela regains consciousness and begins rebuilding her wounded body and chaotic personal life, Gwen reopens the case. Then one of Gwen’s officers dies in a shootout. Angela becomes Gwen’s confidant, and providing comfort becomes the pretext for the two women to draw even closer.


ASIN: B00SP5VJCU (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1507707029 (Print Version $11.99) 
ISBN-10: 1507707029 (Print Version $11.99) 

Belly Fires

Even Death Can't Kill The Flames of Passion


In Belly Fires, even death can’t kill the flames of passion, Lieutenant Governor Charlene Ford loses everything in a deadly car crash and nothing feels the same.


One minute, she is at the top of her game as the first African American lesbian lieutenant governor of New York State. The next minute, she is trying to keep a stiff upper lip as she watches the gravediggers bury the two walnut coffins containing her son JJ and her life partner, Regina. Her family is gone. Her world is gone. All she wants is to go away and disappear for a while; to just get lost until the pain in her heart stops. She sneaks away from her security escorts and borrows her chief of staff’s ancient jeep. She and Rusty, her loyal Akita, climb into the old jeep and head for parts unknown.


Is it because she’s too tired drive or is it the unfamiliar road’s sharp curves that cause her accident? As she crashes through the guardrail, she struggles to put on the brakes. They don’t work and she stops fighting fate. “Reggie honey, I’ll be with you soon,” are Charlene’s last conscious thoughts as her car floats in mid-air for a long moment, then tumbles down the mountainside. 


The next time Charlene opens her eyes, the pain is tremendous. A handsome woman is standing over her with a knife, then kneels next her. Charlotte wonders if the woman is going to finish the job of ending her life. The pain increases tenfold then everything goes black.  


ASIN: B00V2FKMEQ (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1508874782 (Print Version $12.99)

ISBN-10: 1508874782 (Print Version $12.99)

Tiger Eyes

Can A Woman Change Her Stripes?


Tiger Eyes, can a woman change her stripes?, explores the contentious relationship between a famous doctor, Bedford Riddle, and his estranged police sergeant daughter, Elaine.


Sergeant Elaine Riddle becomes the victim of a holiday DWI. Luckily, Dr. Sandra Moxely, a beautiful ER trauma surgeon, witnesses the fatal car crash. She provides medical assistance at the scene and then performs the surgery to repair Elaine’s broken wrist. The two women act on their attraction for each other and begin filling nights and weekends with each other at the Riddle’s Double R Ranch.


Tensions explode when Elaine discovers her father confided a terrible secret to Sandra instead of to her. In a fit of jealous anger, Elaine banishes Sandra from the ranch and her life.


Thus begins Elaine’s journey of self-discovery. Should she let go of an old family rift that occurred between her and her father before it is too late? Should she allow herself to let her guard down and admit the love she has for beautiful Sandra and take the next logical step? Can a woman who thinks she has life figured out change her stripes?


ASIN: B00WT1ZLMK (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1511545808 (Print Version $13.99) 
ISBN-10: 1511545808 (Print Version $13.99) 


Love Always Finds A Way Part I


In Sinkholes, love always finds a way (Part One) it’s mid-spring at State College and Dr. Alexis Brown’s boss, Dr. Dorothea Watson, orders her to create a ten-week summer course for undergraduate geology students. Alexis is having problems coming up with a topic. She’s also growing disillusioned with her playgirl life at State College. Every summer, she dates the top graduate student in her class. Every fall, she breaks up with the student


Alexis finally finds a topic she can investigate: a series of sinkholes in a farm owned by college roommate and ex-lover, Isabella Johnson Harris, except that she doesn’t know Isabella identity at the time. She also learns the young woman she accused of helping one of her students plagiarize a final paper is Isabella’s youngest daughter. When she finally uncovers the connections and relationships, it’s too late to cancel the course and so she soldiers on.


Unfortunately, Isabella doesn’t feel the same way. When she looks at Alexis, she sees betrayal and lies. She grabs her grandfather’s old rifle and shoots rock salt at Alexis. The salt pellets deliberately miss Alexis but cause her to jump for cover into a series of deep, wet, freshly formed mud puddles. Thus begins the start of an unforgettable summer project and the women behind it.


ASIN: B0108H64B8 (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1514199435 (Print Version $9.99) 
ISBN-10: 1514199432 (Print Version $9.99) 


Love Always Finds A Way Part II


Sinkholes, love always finds a way Part Two continues where Part One left off. Isabella and Alexis try to keep their distance from each other as agreed, but circumstances continue to push them together. Although Isabella still feels betrayed and confused by Alexis’ actions from thirty years ago, she finds herself experiencing odd moments of softening toward her ex-lover.


After an injury that Alexis sustains, Isabella’s oldest daughter, Marilyn, nicknamed Lenny, and Alexis explore their striking similarities, although Lenny has mixed feelings about letting Alexis into her mother’s life.


Meanwhile, the exploration of the sinkholes becomes more intense, as do Alexis’ boss and lover Dorothea’s suspicions that something is not quite right in Ohio. When Dorothea shows up at the Harris farm, she finds out that her hunch was correct, but will that affect the project?


Relationships form and are cemented, and the geologic project provides the driving force in the exciting conclusion of Sinkholes, love always finds a way, Part Two.


ASIN: B0108H64B8 (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1514199855 (Print Version $10.99) 
ISBN-10: 1514199858 (Print Version $10.99) 


Books, Balls and Dogs

An Ohio Love Story


In Books, Balls, and Dogs, an Ohio love story, Taylor Price, head librarian, is a brand new arrival in town. Lost, Taylor meets Jamie Underwood, the flag person from a road repair crew who guides her to the town’s only veterinarian. Later on, Jamie turns out to be her daughter’s soccer coach.


The two women have several run-ins on the soccer field, on the roadway in front of Taylor’s home, at the library, and in Taylor’s basement, her kitchen, and her driveway. Bumping heads creates friction between the two women, but it leads to an undeniable attraction as well.


Neither woman realizes the dog Jamie found giving birth to seven puppies in her garage weeks ago is the same dog Taylor’s daughter has been scouring their neighborhood to find. The budding relationship between the two women takes an unexpectedly negative turn when the facts surface and the dog’s true ownership is revealed. 


ASIN: B011YIFU5Q (Kindle Version $2.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1515107170 (Print Version $13.99)

ISBN-10: 1515107175 (Print Version $13.99)

Bayou Bounty


Jerry the bail bondsman hires bounty hunter Lou Ogletree and her crew Nathaniel Onebear and Donny Jackson to find bail jumper Dr. Grace Byland and bring her back to stand trial for murder. That is the premise of Bayou Bounty, no matter the twists and turns, the trail always leads back the heart.


Dr. Grace Byland thinks she knows who really killed the man the DA’s office claims she killed. She just has to prove it, but she can’t. The killer is too powerful. He owns the world where she lives and works. So Grace does what she does best. She runs back to the Bayou swamps to hide until she can come up with a plan. She’s determined to prove who’s doing this to her. She wants to enlist the help of experts.


Grace doesn’t know it yet, but the experts she needs are busy getting lost in the swamp searching for her. Lou and her team of bounty hunters suit the doctor’s needs perfectly. When a poisonous snake bites Lou in the swamp, Grace sees an opportunity. She treats the female bounty hunter who hates her. Can Grace convince Lou and her bounty hunting team to help her prove her innocence?

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