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Ashley Quinn


Ashley Quinn is a devout writer, avid reader and lover of all things art. A bonafide Chicago girl, Ashley relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2014 and quickly discovered that she loves Tex-Mex, is terrified of Texas drivers and doesn't miss the blizzards. She also finds herself on the constant hunt for good deep-dish pizza in the South. 

With a B.A. in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago and a wide range of professional Communications experience across an array of industries, Ashley's first love remains creative writing. She enjoys writing fiction and lesbian romance featuring relatable, developed characters and unique situations. Her first novel, All That Glitters, was released in late 2012. Texas Blues, her second novel, was released in the spring of 2016. 

She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her partner and their two spoiled dogs. They are perpetually planning their next adventure while Ashley continues to plan future books. Contact her through her website at or through Facebook at

All That Glitters


Michelle Murphy and Alexis Vlodosky have been in love since they were teenagers, although their childhoods could not have been more different. Michelle is playful, determined and ambitious - Despite being the only child of a teenaged, alcoholic mother who sometimes lets her judgment of the men she allows in their home throw wrenches in her relationship with her daughter. Michelle knows what she has to do to leave the small, redneck surf town in Florida where she's lived her entire life to make it as a singer in Hollywood. Nothing - and nobody - will come between her and that goal. 

Alexis, who moves to Florida from New York City with her Jewish father, French Catholic mother and autistic younger brother, is wildly intelligent and becomes instantly enamored with the feisty Michelle after she accidentally wipes out in their driveway on her skateboard. Over the course of a year, the two girls become close, passionately involved best friends and, as high school starts, they begin to question whether their feelings toward one another are 'normal' and 'right', two things that Michelle desperately knows she needs to be in order to fit into their tiny, prying town. 

As high school progresses, rumors of their relationship surface among the other students. Michelle throws their friendship - and everything else - to the wayside, shattering Alexis's heart in the process and forcing Michelle to realize that no matter how much she tries to control her actions, she still can't control her feelings. 

Ten years after high school finds Michelle at the brink of stardom. Having just finished her first international tour, a guilty conscience forces the twenty-seven year old singer to return to Florida after her mother is involved in a bad car accident. Disillusioned with the direction of her career, she leaves her cautious, nit-picky agent and action movie star boyfriend - who is harboring a deep secret of his own that could ruin his image and career if it were to go public - to return home, tend to her mother and be back in Hollywood just in time to accompany Tyler to the premiere of his newest summer blockbuster. What on Earth could go wrong? 

What nobody, not even Michelle, counts on is crossing paths with Alexis Vlodosky again. Alexis is eager to move on after finishing her residency at the hospital as the harsh memories of high school have soured her taste of this small town. After one night, they quickly realize that the fire is still burning deep within each of them. 

Michelle has to make a decision, but when faced with scores of paparazzi, an alcoholic mother desperate to make amends before her own secret is revealed, run-ins with unsavory past acquaintances, gossipy nurses, a neurotic agent and a fake boyfriend that needs Michelle for his image just as much as she needs him for hers, who will run first?

Texas Blues


London Foster has had it. Trying her best to hold it together in Chicago, she is battling both the effects of her mother's death and the betrayal of her ex-girlfriend. Opting to throw herself into work and the gym, she at first ignores an invitation from her largely absentee father to take some time off at his estate in Texas. He may be the Chairperson of Foster Oil & Gas, but it doesn't change the fact that he was never part of her life. Besides, she's up for a big promotion and sees it as the solution away from her one-way track into deep depression.

In many ways, Natalie Silva is the complete opposite of London. Where London is pale, Natalie is sun-kissed. In that dark space deep down where London is filled with regrets and bitterness, Natalie radiates warm light. As a Texas native and sort-of Southern belle, Natalie is compassionate, kind and raised with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. She's followed her passion for baking throughout her adult life and it's led her to being a co-owner of Mission Bakery - A popular bakery and food truck she manages with her lesbian aunts and the occasional help from her best friend's precocious daughter. After a years-old heartbreak, the one lesson she has taken through her life is to never fall for an outsider. You know the type - The mysterious, attractive out-of-towners who offer equal promise of passion and complications.

London and Natalie are less than impressed with each other upon their first meeting. But fate and Texas have a very different and much more sensual plan for these two polar opposite women. In the sultry-hot summer heat, they will learn just as much about themselves and their lives as they will about each other...And it might just be everything they want.

Summer Of Love

Brooke Adriani is living the Key West dream. A successful real estate broker, her days are filled with well-heeled clients, sunshine, yoga and a healthy dose of her best friend, Justin. Tragedy early in life may have faltered her ability to get close to others but between that intoxicating island air, an all-knowing hula doll and an otherwise contented existence, who has time for that fairytale love stuff anyway? 

After all, her no-nonsense Brooklynite father instilled tangible values in her – Hard work. Business acumen. Professional integrity. In fact, nobody is more surprised than Brooke when her father falls in love with a local woman who couldn’t be more opposite from him. Even more disconcerting than her father head over heels is the gorgeous, spirited daughter of his new love… 

Struggling photographer Amber Lucas is devastated after being pushed back into the closet – literally - and discovering that her sort-of girlfriend had a girlfriend all along. Insult is heaped upon injury after being invited to participate in a prestigious photography exhibition – As the administrative assistant. With a bruised pride but optimistic outlook, she takes the opportunity in hopes of leaving her broken heart behind and spending time with her ex-flower child mother. No matter that her mother has fallen in love and seems even dreamier than usual or that her love interest’s daughter is a snob. The last thing she needs is another ice queen. 

Brooke and Amber are less than pleased that they’ve been thrown into each other’s lives, but the undeniable chemistry brings all sorts of uncomfortable questions about growing up, coming out and whether two imperfect people truly can overcome their flaws to make the sizzling season their own summer of love. Under the scorching island sun, one thing is for sure – This summer is going to be far from boring.

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