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Anna Furtado

Anna Furtado is a New England transplant located in the San Francisco Bay area. She’s always loved to write, and when she discovered lesbian literature back in the days of Naiad press, she was smitten and knew exactly where her writing focus should be. She published her first book with Regal Crest and two more books in the series followed. Some of her books have been finalists for literary awards and Anna has been a member and supporter of the Golden Crown Literary Society since its inception. She reviews lesbian fiction for Lambda Literary Review and on her Facebook page. When not writing, Anna and her wife love to travel and explore beautiful country-sides, historical places, the occasional amusement park and entertainment venues.

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Anna is also a book reviewer for 
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and on Facebook at anna.furtado1

Incident at Elder Creek

Tucker Stevens returns home--a tiny, failing mining town--as head of a revitalization project to turn the place into a living history tourist attraction. Late one night, she finds herself in front of The St. Charles Saloon, dazed and disoriented, with no recollection of her last nine hours and no idea why she keeps hearing the word "forget."

After settling into her rented house on Yankee Hill Road, Leah Hudson has made a few friends and loves her job as the high school librarian in Portero. She's never met her absent landlord until the day Tucker shows up on her doorstep with assurances that she won't have to move now that Tucker's back in town. During that encounter, with the sparks of their mutual attraction flying, Leah decides to ignore Tucker's reluctance and takes matters into her own hands.

As the two women grow closer, Tucker struggles to make sense of the strange incidents going on all around her, and she embarks on a journey to find the answers to a missing padlock key, a possible kidnapping, and what her memories of a bartender from the Old West with a vendetta on her life mean. If Tucker doesn't succeed in fitting all the pieces together quickly in this tangled tale of secrets and trickery, she might lose the two things she has come to hold most dear--Leah and her sanity.

The Heart's Desire

Book One of the Briarcrest Chronicles

Travel back in time to the early Renaissance town of Willowglen Township. Catherine Hawkins, a spice merchant and healer, prepares for the autumn fair when she is captivated by a stranger with beautiful eyes. Join Catherine as she struggles to come to grips with her feelings for the mysterious noblewoman. Journey with both women as they battle against those who mean to keep them from their hearts' desire. 

Can they overcome these obstacles? Find out in Book One of the Briarcrest Chronicles: The Heart's Desire. 

The Heart's Strength

Book Two of the Briarcrest Chronicles

Travel back in time to the early Renaissance and revisit Catherine and Lydia as their story continues in Book Two of The Briarcrest Chronicles...

Lydia and Catherine have become the caretakers of Briarcrest. When a letter arrives from Catherine's old friend and former assistant, Sarah Pritchard, Catherine sets out on a journey that is both dangerous and embroiled in conflict. 

Catherine encounters an old friend in Willowglen and forges a friendship with his daughter, Fiona. The tall, blue-eyed, raven-haired beauty becomes an important ally when two churchmen from Spain set the town in turmoil claiming the authority of the Inquisition.

Suddenly, friends and neighbors are under suspicion. Lydia joins Catherine, and the two women find that they and all whom they love are at the center of a terrible struggle. One of the priests, the Dark Monk, has long harbored a wicked secret and possesses ulterior motives. Catherine and Lydia are beset by danger at every turn. Each must dig deeply to find strength of heart in the battle against the injustices they encounter. But with religion and society at odds, will they all survive the ordeal?

The Heart's Longing

Book Three of the Briarcrest Chronicles

Trinn Wells is an award-winning chef in one of the finest hotel restaurants in Boston. She should be content, but she's not. She hates her boss, her ex-girlfriend has left her in debt, she finds it impossible to meet her mother's expectations, and she's having strange dreams that disturb her sleep.

Sidney Wycombe is a prestigious London solicitor driven to preserve the memory of a place that no longer exists. When she tries to convince Trinn to help her in her efforts, Trinn hesitates, but finally arrives in London looking forward to an all-expenses paid holiday, a respite from her troubles.

As Sidney reveals the knowledge and lore of Briarcrest, Trinn's dreams become an alternate reality where she meets a man known only as Catty. As Trinn becomes more involved in Catty's world, she discovers that not everything is as it seems at the Briarcrest of old. When she learns that Catty is involved in some very dangerous activities, the two women from the future begin to worry for Trinn's safety.

While the women try to unlock the secrets of the past, they battle their growing feelings for one another-feelings that neither one of them is prepared to deal with, but which, in the end, neither of them can deny. Will Sidney be able let down her guard as noble protector of Briarcrest? Will Trinn let go of living up to other people's expectations and express her true feelings for Sidney?

The women of Briarcrest live! Travel back in time to find what the future holds for those who love the great castle and its inhabitants. 

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