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Amalie Cantor


Amalie Cantor, author of the Daughter of Kieran fantasy series, identifies first and foremost as a Writer-In-Progress.  She currently lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her wife Katherine and their feline familiars, Sadie and Salem. 


She writes poetry, prose, and fiction focusing on the intersection of sexual/gender identity and spirituality.  She also blogs about whatever shiny object has captured her attention for the moment.  She's a frequent author and instructor on Writing.Com and spends far too much time working on her social media presence when she could be writing.  Her debut novel, Choosing Her Chains, is currently available on

Choosing Her Chains


ReObsol stands proud as a devout, idyllic society, having been ruled by the priestly Sons of Solaar since the Great Conflagration some 18 years ago.  A gift from its founders, The Wall has protected it from both the dangers and the freedoms of the lands of Solarin beyond. In ReObsol's strict dichotomy of male versus female, light magic versus dark, obedience to one higher power versus service to another, Alisandra -- a she'obfus born outside the village -- believes she has no place in the land she can't quite call home.


In a night of passion, Alisandra asks her lover Ryshel to escape with her to the land beyond the Wall. Ryshel refuses. When Alisandra discovers the reason for Ryshel's refusal, she almost drowns in her despair. However, a meeting with a mysterious woman opens her eyes to her own repressed potential. Unfortunately, Alisandra's efforts to discover her own power may uncover long-buried secrets of ReObsol's past. In her bid for freedom, Alisandra risks evoking the ire of the rulers of the village as well as that of the god they serve. In the end, she must learn that sometimes love is not enough, and saving the people one loves may mean giving them up.

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