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Ali Spooner

Ali Spooner is a native of Florida, currently living and working in Memphis, TN. Home for Ali is Pensacola, Florida where she has a partner of twenty years, one son and a grandchild that has her wrapped completely around her little finger. Her other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats, and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group.

Bailey's Run

Bailey Chambers mourns the loss of her lover, Nessa, in an unsolved carjacking. When Tommy, Bailey’s brother becomes a victim of a gay bashing, Bailey assumes his case will be handled the same way as her lover’s—lackadaisically. 

Desi Dexter assigned to Tommy’s case, feels Bailey’s disdain toward her and her partner. Through tenacious police work, Desi, is able to uncover the reason for Bailey’s attitude, and convinces her that she is sincere in solving the case. 

Mutual attraction sparks, and before they can move forward with their fledging romance, Desi, and her partner Braxton, uncover the presence of a serial killer. 

What will happen to Bailey, when, Desi, becomes engrossed in another case, can their relationship survive? 


(Sasha Thibodaux Series Book 1)

Sasha Thibodaux travels to London from New Orleans to continue her studies as a concert pianist at King’s College. While exploring her new home she befriends Milly Vansant, artist and instructor. 

When their friendship blossoms into romance, Milly reveals her true nature as a vampire to Sasha, and joins her in love for eternity. 

Their love survives the tragic sinking of a luxury liner, during the Great War, a killer hurricane, and the Spanish Flu pandemic. 

They decide to leave the chaos of war torn Europe, traveling to the United States, and purchase a planation called Sugarland. 

Will this be their home for eternity, or, will catastrophe continue to plague their quest for a peaceful life together? 

Bayou Justice

(Sasha Thibodaux Series Book 2)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 
In this sequel to Sugarland we see Sasha Thibodaux embarking on a life with new lover Kara Stewart, an attorney with the District Attorney’s office. 

Everything backfires when Kara is taken hostage by the suspects in the biggest case of her career. Her eventual release sparks a backlash neither woman expected. 

Appalled, by the failure of the criminal justice system, Sasha exacts her own brand of justice for the acts committed against her lover. 

From the Bayou’s of Louisiana to the jungles of South America, Sasha plots her revenge. 

This is more than a love story, more than a vampire feast…from hot sex to suspense, this book is one helter-skelter of an adventure. 

Twisted Lives

A twist of fate leaves Bet and her daughter Kylie stranded at the entrance of the home of Alex Graves, as she flees the control of an abusive husband. 
When custom –homebuilder Alex arrives to find steam boiling from Bet’s car and a beautiful child asleep in the passenger seat, her heart goes out to them. 

Alex offers shelter to the pair setting off a chain of events that bring both mother and daughter close to her heart and danger to her door. 
A heartwarming story of true love that will keep you smiling long after you’ve finished the book. 

Cowgirl Up

When the new ranch hand, Coal Bryan, arrives at the MC2, the last thing she’s looking for is love. 

Her co-workers are surprised when Coal turns out to be female. Coal, used to the reaction, quickly earns the respect of the crew with her work ethic and skill with horses. Coal uses the strenuous work and friendship of the ranch hands to try and forget her broken past. 

Melissa Conway, owner of MC2, offers Coal a place to live in her home. They both are shocked to find they are linked in a way neither of them imagined. 
Mary Leah, Melissa’s sister, arrives at the ranch to recover from a recent tragedy. The attraction between Mary Leah and Coal is instant and mutual. 

Can the three women survive their personal dilemmas? The love and friendship they develop certainly helps but will it be enough to bring them together. Ride along with the MC2, for boot scootin’, butt kickin’, dirt eatin’, rodeo adventures, with a love story thrown into the mix. 

Love's Playlist

Photographer Rita Calhoun never believed in love at first sight, until her lens, and her heart fell for sexy musician Liv Lundy. Taken advantage of by an ex, Rita is determined to remain independent, but finds she’s ready to open her heart and to share her life. Liv, the ultimate player of music and women is conflicted when she meets Rita at the club and it leaves her questioning if she’s ready to settle down. Painful memories resurface for both women. Will their struggles bring them closer, or prevent them from building a life together.

Terminal Event

Tally Rainwater was born with the gift of second sight, something she never understood. A near-fatal accident, at age twelve, makes her visions clearer, but not the reason for them. As she matures, Lisa, a spirit, enters her visions to guide her in using her gift, but still not the reason why. After Tally’s gift helps locate the body of a murdered teen, she realizes her gift is to help lost souls find their peace. 

When it’s discovered, a serial killer murdered the teen, Blair “Spooky” Cooper is the Agent in Charge assigned to the case. A task force of local detectives and FBI forms to track the killer. Blair enlists the aid of Tally, and together with the team, Tally helps them piece together the puzzle of murders spanning twenty years throughout the Deep South. 

Even with the complication of the case, Blair and Tally have an undeniable attraction to each other. As they close in on the killer, the killer focuses on Tally, jeopardizing her bond with Blair and everyone around her. For the sake of the case, they put their attraction on the back burner until the killer is caught. 

Will the killer be caught or continue to evade authorities? Can Tally and Blair’s budding romance survive the possibility? Read this intense murder mystery romance and find out. 

The Settlement

Devastated when her lover dies from an error made during a simple operation, Cadin Michaels vows to make the guilty pay for their deadly error. She uses the settlement won to create a foundation in her lover’s name to help women and children. When that does nothing to ease her grief, she is encouraged to take a sabbatical, to try and find herself again. 

Cadin mounts her motorcycle, and lets fate, and a dart, lead her on her journey. She encounters people on her adventures that rekindle her belief in kindness, and unconditional love. Realizing she too needs a fresh start, Cadin finds herself drawn to the chemistry she feels for Renee, a woman she encounters in Alabama. The outpouring of love and friendship helps her on her path to healing and learning to trust her heart to love once again. 

Join bestselling author Ali Spooner on this sensational journey that ends with a heartwarming romance. 

Line of Sight

(Sasha Thibodaux Series Book 3)

Sasha and her lover Kara are back. This time on the trail of a killer in the city of New Orleans. They sense his presence as he prowls the French Quarter committing the murders, but fail to find him. 

Abandoned by his domineering lover, a killer wreaks havoc on the city. His narcissistic behavior fuels his need to terminate his sexual partners, believing his consumption of their power will bring his beloved back to him. 
When the killer sets his sights on young Milly, will Sasha’s psychic connection with her aid in Milly’s rescue, and perpetuate the capture of the killer? 

Continue the thrilling adventures of this couple from the Sasha Thibodaux series. 

The Devil's Tree

(The Hunter Series Book 1)

Torn between her love for the pack and her need to find what's missing in her life Devin Benoit travels to New Orleans. She senses something calling to her she as enters a small club off Bourbon Street and her eyes are drawn to the DJ spinning music. Without any doubt, she knew she had found the missing piece of herself. 

When her new love Tia is kidnapped, Devin and her brother Damen, alpha of the Baton Rouge werewolf pack, must return to the Devil’s Tree, where lives and souls are lost, and sad memories abound. 

Will the previous happenings at the Devil’s Tree help or hinder Devin in the fight of her life, and the life of Tia, the woman who now owns her heart? 

Venus Rising

(Island Series Volume 1)

Levi Johnson arrives at Venus Rising, an exclusive lesbian only tropical resort in the Virgin Islands to have some fun before she enters the financial world to begin her career. Levi is an instant hit as the new bartender at the resort. Hoping to sow some “wild oats,” Levi finds love and so much more when she becomes involved in a sizzling hot love triangle with beautiful, rich, playgirl Simone, and the charming and handsome cruise ship Captain Vanessa. Torn between her attraction to both women, Levi must overcome a dangerous curse and life-threatening accidents, as she struggles to choose the right woman to share her life.


(The Hunter Series Volume 2)

A rogue master vampire threatens the existence of the New Orleans vampire clan. Lord Jordan, the head of the clan, employs a unique pair of bounty hunters, specially trained to eliminate supernatural threats, to deal with the situation. However, when the identity of the rogue is revealed, he realizes the bounty hunters will not be strong enough alone. Lord Jordan enlists Devin Benoit, sister of the Baton Rouge Alpha, and her witch lover, Tia, to assist with cleansing the city from potential disaster. Continue the exploits of your favorite characters from The Devil’s Tree in this exciting sequel.

Neptune's Ring

(The Island Series)

In the sequel to Venus Rising, Nat and Liz, owners of Venus Rising, invite Levi and Vanessa to join them in a venture for a new club on another island. They find the perfect place in an unfinished resort, Neptune’s Ring. Simone is still determined to make trouble for Vanessa and Levi who have started their life together on the cruise ship, captained by Vanessa. Levi agrees to oversee the construction on the new resort and initially will have to spend the time alone until Vanessa can join her. While on the island, Levi is drawn into a mystery involving a hidden diary and a murder. Join the characters in this page-turning adventure, filled with steamy romance, intrigue and an unsolved murder.

South of Heaven

Kendra Drake thinks her life is complete. She has taken over as Captain of her father’s shrimp boat. As a favor to her father, Kendra has agreed to give fellow shrimper Lindsey Bowen a chance to work on the boat. Fleeing a personal scandal, Lindsey hopes a summer spent shrimping will allow the situation to fade into history. But first, she must prove herself to Kendra and her crew. Kendra is fighting against mother nature, the open waters, and herself. Still, Lindsey finds a way into Kendra’s heart. Will it only last for the summer?

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